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    Riding, fixing , building, motorcycles rc cars and helis, a few boats too.
  1. Pizzman

    a NEW motocross facility?

    So they are just starting the process of opening a new track, and they want a thousand bucks for a 6 month ride pass. I ride almost every Sunday. (25$ x 4)x6 uhh that's 600$. If you are asking for the generosity of people, don't be so damn greedy. How about prepay for 2 rides and get a 3rd for free? One free day for someone who helped you out when you really needed it will not affect your bottom line. Hell they might even come back week after week...... They will never fulfill the funding goal. I understand tracks are expensive to run, but they will have to try a lot harder to reach out to the public to fund this. Why not get a business loan? If you have experience running a track , if you can show some sort of profit, why not? As a local rider who does support the opening of a new track, I am a tiny bit offended. I would donate if they were not so blatantly greedy . Asking for twice what it would normally cost is ridiculous...... and all this with no time frame, no guarantees. Good luck I will wait till you ?open? and try it out.
  2. I agree, Why is he racing at LL. It is cool the proceeds go to charity, but GTFO, "the worlds greatest mx racer" racing and claiming championship at LL. NO. FAIL! Move on RC4........move on
  3. Pizzman

    AZ winter riding ?

    http://www.azgfd.gov/outdoor_recreation/arizona_ohv_trails_places.shtml This has lots of useful info
  4. Pizzman

    New to Phoenix, could use some riding buddies.

    Its riding season year round, hot , but we do it. Im at the track every sun while its hot then the desert every other sunday when it cools off. There is a ton of different types of riding, single track, wide open desert, and 5 or six really good tracks. The AZ land mngt website lists most, but not all the areas around AZ to ride. Oh and bring lots of water, and yes a reliable bike is needed if you are going far out in the desert. Good luck, and see you out there.
  5. Pizzman

    Why the special dirtbike attire?

    Just put your mountain bike gear on, and go ride some MX, your question will be answered very fast.
  6. Yeah sounds like a good idea. NOT You: in destress Me: heli pilot looking for you: You: (pointing laser at me ) now he"ll see me Me: (unable to read me instruments) well, now I need to head away so I can regain my vision and see my altimeter and vertical speed indicator You: (pointing laser more) hey where is he going.............HEY come back Me: (reporting last known coordinates of laser mclaserson) I wonder whats for dinner Especially at night, a pilots instruments are the only way of keeping an aircraft from joining the NTSB website. Most pilots use their eyes to accomplish this task. Get a flare, use it , and don't start any fires. A good strobe would work just as well. EDIT ....NO I am not a heli pilot. I have had substantial flight training on my way to obtaining a liscense.
  7. Split your order into 2.Order small the first time, then you will get a 10 percent off code (for your next order) with the shipping confirmation . I believe the codes are tied to your account. If its over a grand you will get some frequent buyer cash to use later as well. I get 50$ for every 333$ I spend.
  8. Pizzman

    where to ride in phoenix?

    Speedworld is nice. Sorry, just slipped my mind. I do not like riding with quads on the track though. I can't make the bike only time slots. Other than that, Speedworld has a nice setup with a super fun international (vet) track. As far as safer......mmmmmmmmmmm not so much. This sport is only as safe as you, and the guys around you ride.
  9. Pizzman

    where to ride in phoenix?

    Boulders OHV above Peoria on HWY 74 mile marker 11.5. ACP has a good vet track for learning. It doesn't get watered very much but it is fun. Check out http://www.azgfd.gov/outdoor_recreation/arizona_ohv_trails_places.shtml I was iffy about tracks too. After a couple of track days you will love it.
  10. Pizzman

    Speedworld Lawsuit

    Signed................................................I think some developer wants a piece of the land...corruption, greed, and mismanagement.
  11. Pizzman

    What do you guys think?

    Why would they need special treatment if they are in front of you?
  12. Pizzman

    What do you guys think?

    I saw Vicki Golden, and Jessica Patterson and an (unkown) friend at lake Elsinore. They were flying! Fastest on the track for sure. It is a male dominated sport, no doubt. Women have less strength, but are much better at multitasking and finesse. All images copywrite Pizzman 2012
  13. Pizzman

    "hey can i try your bike?"

    Stranger, no. NO, and don't lean on it, it is heavier than it loooooo...........(bike falls off stand) Riding buddy, you bet. They offer their steads up all the time. I usually say no. I only enjoy fixing mine. I have seen my share of "oh I ride all the time" whiskey throttle seat supermans, and "oh, here is the clutch engagement point" wheelies. If they want to ride my bike they better be willing to pay. I let my brother ride my bike, under strict "break it buy it" rules.
  14. Pizzman

    Which boots to buy....

    Just had a crash where so forth on my boots saved my ankles and knees and toes and foot. While I lay there the pipe burned a spot (not a hole) in my 1 month old sg-10's. $319 at rockymountainatv.com. Just do it. Comfort and protection in one. I can vouche for them 100%
  15. Thank the moto gods for people who help. As far as parenting on an mx track.........raise your kids to have fun and help. My 8 year old just wants to ride. If he falls I help him up and say "good job dude" There are a million ways to crash on an mx track. I tried to give my example. Read the post. Deep rutted mud, and a very twisted knee (think Chinese finger trap) created an interesting situation were I could not lift my bike up. Sounds like your 6 years of experiance haven't paid off much. Would you stand there and watch a kid who fell suffer just so yours would win? A tracker worker would most def pull a stuck rider off the track. I have seen photogs help. I am happy more than a few would help. The other guys (they have made themselves obvious) can lick the part of my ass that connects to my balls. Oh and edit.......It was a practice day for fu#$% sake......