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    Exhaust Valve Yz 250 97

    Hello! How are you? This is my first post, and greetings from Argentina. First I must apologize for my poor command of language. I'm from Argentina and I have a YZ 250 1997 .. The bike bought it last year and was in very bad condition, so the complete disarmament and restore. All I did on the bike was in my garage with my hands, including plotting. When removing the bike I discovered that was missing the exhaust valve, so I started to try to buy it. It is very difficult to buy parts in my country, as they are braked imports, but I have the opportunity to buy used parts x EBAY to the U.S.. My question is: What other models (years) Yz 250 have an outlet compatible with the mine's 97 "? Since valve on eBay with 94 ", 96", 92 ", but no 97" ... Thank you very much! http://imageshack.us...6457231359.jpg/ http://imageshack.us...6/83793458.jpg/