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  1. joos

    Starter on the 230's?

    my 230 is a breeze to roll start too. all you have to do is roll it to a jog and pop it out of second. never had it fail.
  2. dude this is really cool. makes it that much cooler with the back story. enjoy man.
  3. this is awesome! how many days did you all spend?
  4. yeah i think the L comes with a 39 stock rear. I think im going to try that. Im currently at a stand still though with my converstion. I found out today that somehow my original MCO/MSO has disappeared. Making my 230 nearly impossible to register for plates. I called the dealer and they said they wouldnt help. some customer service huh?
  5. joos

    New graphics

    dude those are awesome, what are they called?
  6. Hey everyone. This is my first post. im a long time rider, but still learning about some of the options as far as sprockets go. I am applying the baja light kit for my 230F and plan on getting it plated. I will be primarily riding around tuscaloosa to classes and to friends houses. I see the 230L has a smaller rear sprocket somewhere around 38-39t. can anyone direct me as to where I could find one that would fit on my 2003 230f that is a comparable size to the L. I also ride on hilly logging roads when home for summer so advice on what direction I should take would be much appreciated. thank you.