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  1. shroyer837

    05 yz250 2stroke

    Maybe 15 hrs on bike with everything redone reeds and all I went and talked to someone yesterday bout it and they helped me out it was just running to rich just bought the new needle for it and changed gas and oil and oil mixture to the hp2 with four gallons puttin it to a 178 with 50 pilot jet and second from the top in needle pretty sure that should work things out with where I live to in northwest ohio
  2. shroyer837

    05 yz250 2stroke

    Everything good top end and reed wise.. bikes superclean just need to clean the air filter up cuz its due now and drop jetting to 172. Don't know what your talkin about with the floating height
  3. shroyer837

    05 yz250 2stroke

    Choke works fine its not like its stuck or anything I would know.. and it's from like 2-3-4thto gear im coming on it hard and its like almost sputtering.. no bogging just Linda sputterin other than that throttle response is good
  4. Extremely frustrated with bike.. runs like chokes on.. I went from 178you to 175you and changed needle in all spots plugs still black and still running same .. feels like it's lost power too.. where should I go from here