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  1. with a few minor set up tweaks the bikes i think are far easier to ride than a 450 racing in the woods. 1. make sure the idle is set correctly. it need to be 2100-2300 if not they stall and are harder to get started. 2. add an 8oz steahly flywheel weight. 3. regear it. the stock gearing is very tall high speed desert racing 100 mph. 13/50 works great. 4. midwest mountain clutch lever. works for me. And that crap from ktm/husky formerly known as best dual sports is not going to help 350 XCF or SXF.
  2. Bentbars

    trading 4cs forks for AER

    yeah, cory at protune did great work and very good pricing. Like some already said he's not doing much if anything. the best bang for your cash is the Ray kit 500.00. Call CSR suspension, they are the us distributer for Dal Saggio and very helpful people. kyb sss conversion is way too much $. need donner set of forks, replace the bottom lugs or make adapters for the 4cs. i would buy the dal saggio sphere cartridges or ohlins before i did the sss conversion.
  4. just a heads up if anybody's interested. just posted a few thing in the classifieds rekluse core exp 3.0 rekluse clutch basket devol rad guards iron man sprockets i can pay with paypal & will ship asap Thanks
  5. Bentbars

    cr250 Skid plate suggestions

    Hey, how that bike still working for you? this the guy down in oregon you bought it from.
  6. Bentbars

    KTM 450 SX-F 16 radiator guards

    get these. the best on the market https://www.bulletproofdesigns.com/products/type/radiator-guards/ktm-radiator-guard-2016.html
  7. most of the time it is because there is to much slack in the chain adjustment. people still want to use their fingers to set slack which vary in thickness from one person to another instead of actual measurements there manual provides. chinese chains have GOLD side plates too. The only chains we have found to really hold up are regina and the upper line of DID the ER series. Paired with Ironman sprockets and you will have the longest lasting setup that will hold the correct chain slack.
  8. heres the jump pack. i watch it jump a full size completely dead truck. http://earthxmotorsports.com/shop/earthx-jump-pack And no it don't work for them.
  9. this one. http://earthxmotorsports.com/shop/etx12a/ no special chargers. they do work in the cold. you just need to make a minor change in the procedure. couple of short cycles on the button and the battery build a little heat and the cold cranking power increases.i carry one of jump pack as a back up to the truck and bike. never had to use it yet. my bike is e-start only.
  10. get an Earth x. check them out. met them at the dealer show as well as all the others. i think there a better product. http://earthxmotorsports.com/
  11. Bentbars

    Future Relic or just another ol bike - 01 CR250

    love the motor, not the frame or suspension. It will never have Vintage value or status
  12. Bentbars

    02 cylinder base machining

    the has a much broader power band now. it still has a transitional hit into the mid, but not so explosive. it has usable & controllable torque on the bottom with an assertive transition into the mid and still pulls on top pretty good. it runs very clean in low throttle positions. I set it up with boysen rad valve keihen 38 air striker FMF Gnarly pipe and make to adjust the the power valve cables. Now the modded 2001 motor in an 02 frame that i'm selling in the classifieds(honda cr 265) is a 265 as well with much less removed from the bottom of the cylinder and not nearly as much epoxy work in the transfer ports. same pipe,carb and reed block, much different running motor. The 01 make more torque right off idle and pulls harder right thru the mid without as much of a mid hit. You can lug and ride a gear high and it wont stall. My son rides the 02 and likes it better. we ride single track and he is A-AA rider, so he likes the assertive mid pull on the RC power valve motor. I like the 01. it runs more like a KTM 300. I've had KTM 250/300 xc's so i have something to compare to.
  13. Bentbars

    02 cylinder base machining

    i did it to one of our CR'S. 02 cut 0.030 off the bottom bored to 265 and a bit of epoxy work in the transfer runners. you will have to bolt the cylinder down do a soldier squish test on the head and then get it cut to the right cc & squish . i had mine done to run non E super. Have Ron at RB Designs in portland do the head.
  14. Bentbars

    Measuring squish solder size

    make sure you use a rosin core. solid is way to firm
  15. Bentbars

    CR250 as a woods bike..

    Here's a pic of my CR (Woods bike) long list of stuff Honda CR 265 Big bore · 2001 motor in a 02 frame. The whole bike was completely rebuilt frame up 60 hours on it to date. · New bearings in swing arm, steering stem & linkage. · Pro wheels red hubs with rims. 18” rear. Zip ty wheel spacers & Hammer Head Axle blocks. · Iron man sprockets with Regina o-ring chain. · TM Designworks Slide & rear chain guide. · Ride engineering oversized front brake, Galfer line & 2012 new style radial ball lever & master cylinder. The front brake has more power than a 2012 KTM with great modulation & solid lever (no mush) · Rear rotor is a Braking wave rotor with a TM Designs rotor & caliper guards. The master cylinder was rebuilt. · Suspension is sprung and valved for 195lb “B” woods rider. · Front forks are from 2006 CRF 450R. 2mm back set on the front axle makes it more like a having a 22mm set of triple clamps. SKF seals and new bushings. · Rear shock is rebuilt with DU style bushing piston band from MX Tech and has blue race tech spring. · Scott’s top clamp with rubber mounted BRP sub mount bar perch with frame post for a stabilizer. · Renthal fat bars with Enduro Engineering hand guard & protaper grips. · IMS Bigfoot pegs · The motor is a completely rebuilt 2001 Big bore (265) from Forward Motion/Millennium plating. · Head work by RB Designs with corrected squish ( runs pump Non E Super) · New center cases, OEM crank with new rod. All new bearings & seals (crank & trans) · Steahly off road 12 oz. flywheel weight & Ricky stator 35watt stator. · Boysen rad valve, power valve cover & ignition cover. · New Keihin 38 PWK Air striker carb with JD needles & RB Designs air screw. · 2002 air box with the 01 boot & bolt thru metal flange. · CV4 silicone hose kit & carb hoses (red) · Clarke oversized tank. · SDG seat · Devol skid plate & rad guards. · FMF Gnarly pipe & turbine core muffler. · Magura hydro clutch. · Trail Tech Kickstand