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    TTR 125 Wont' Idle

    New information. Worked on it again and found out a little more. Top end is good but problems with the bottom end. .... don't know what that means just repeating. It is getting too much fuel. turn off the fuel switch and it idles fine until the fuel runs out. Tilt bike slightly and fuel runs out of the carburator. Was told to turn the float 180 degrees. Any thoughts?
  2. Tulsanitro

    TTR 125 Wont' Idle

    I just got my first dirt bike. I am 13 and I am having trouble getting the bike to idle. It wouldn't start at all so I had some help and we cleaned the carburator and the jets. It now runs but it won't idle and dies when I stop. I think I need to do something with the jettings. It has an after market exaust (makes it loud and pops), not sure what kind. Any ideas of what I need to do. I have put premium gas in it and have run some fuel booster through it. I would appreciate any help!