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  1. Wouldn't need to search as much if the stickies were better managed.
  2. I can't wait for that one!
  3. I figured out why it was so expensive. 4 came in the package!! So if anyone needs one I can mail one to you, no charge. BTW, the bike starts and idles much better with the 48 vs. the 45. I'm at about 1 turn out on the screw vs. 3 turns out when I had the 45 so I should have much greater range of adjustability as the weather changes. Can't wait to test it out in the dirt!
  4. Would there be any disadvantage to just installing a longer shock? I'm trying to think about how the suspension works... Depending on how much the shock can be lengthened, why not just make it long enough to increase travel to 12 inches? Ignore for a moment that the stock forks nor the xr250r forks won't quite match up.
  5. How tall are you? He's about to hit puberty, so he could shoot up like a rocket if his dad's tall. I agree with you though. When I was a kid I had a mini bike (a real one, a Honda CT-70). I would have preferred to have a bike I grew into than a bike I grew out of.
  6. Thanks for making this thread. I'm in the same boat; I uncorked and rejected. Now the bike is plenty peppy but the ride is killing my back. I feel like I'm getting old and I'm only 29! It's pretty awesome the 150F rocker will not only raise seat height, but also increase suspension travel. I could use some extra height to stay out of the roots on my local trails!
  7. Hey guys, can one of you carb experts tell me if this is the proper jet type for the 230? http://www.amazon.com/EBC-Kehin-N424-21-Slow-Pilot/dp/B0031BFGWC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1325255683&sr=8-2 Thanks
  8. You can't smell gas because it's running lean, not rich. The blackness is likely from something else, perhaps oil is slipping by the piston.
  9. What pilot jet are you running? I can't tell you which one it should be but I can tell you IF you're having idling problems AND it's a jetting issue THEN you need to start with the pilot circuit.
  10. "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid."
  11. indeed, lol Thanks for making them though, they're a huge help
  12. How much did you tweak the jetting after both the piston and cam installs?
  13. Is it the Pro G3? What rider weight range?
  14. You could start with where you got them.
  15. Color me jealous of your garage! BTW what is that platform hanging off the wall in the back?