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  1. tmbuehrer

    Yamaha raptor 700 fuel pump

    het guys i got an 06 raptor 700r, after riding for about 2-3 hours the fuel tank starts to build lots of pressure because the fuel pump is getting hot and boiling off the fuel arround it. is anyone else having this issue ?
  2. tmbuehrer

    04 kx 250f wont run

    i have a kx 250f that i recently bought very cheaply that i can get started, here is the detales; cleaned carb, had some nasty fuel in it, also drained the tank and washed out, new 91 octane fuel, still no start, new spark plug, back fires through the intake, checked cam timing, good, checked compression, was 50psi with the decompression unit taken out, seems low, removed head found inkake valves to not be sealing, lap valves into head and re-install with new gasket, check valve lash no clearance on exhaust and too much on intake, correctly shim valves, still no start, but now 100psi compression, unit has spark when kicking, cant get started, bike fires for one or two rotations, but thats it, tried to pull start, tries to fire when clutch is poped but then nothing, install spark tester in line with plug, pull start again, bike only has spark when engine is initially rotatedand then nothing,doesnt matter how fast engine is rotated, not quite sure what is wrong but i wouls guess i have to lean towards cdi unit, has anyone ran into this, are there many issues with cdi's