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  1. Steve69SS396

    Post your Old School 2 Smoker's

    The previous owner of the CZ modified the rear suspension. He extended the swingarm slightly and moved the upper shock mounts forward for more travel. It made the bike a handful to ride. The CR was a much better bike!
  2. Steve69SS396

    Post your Old School 2 Smoker's

    My '78 CR250 back in '78. My '71 CZ 250 back in '78.
  3. Steve69SS396

    post your ride!

    2002 CR250.
  4. Rode at Deer Creek on Saturday November 26th. It was great! Open areas were dry and dusty. Shaded areas were nice and tacky. Rode at Carnegie on Monday November 28th. Open areas were dry but everything else was beautiful! Tons of traction! Rode at Carnegie today. Everything was dry, hard and dusty. What a difference a few days makes. Still had fun!
  5. Steve69SS396

    What was your first bike?

    Here are all the bikes I've owned. '63 Honda 55. Paid $10 for it and the motor was in pieces. '71 Rickman with a 125 Zundapp motor. Paid $350 for it in '75 '72 CZ250. Motor was blown up, paid $225 for it in '76 '78 Honda CR250R bought new in '78 for $1,495.00 Took a 30 year break. '02 Honda CR250R
  6. Steve69SS396

    Trail Riding

    I love my '02 CR250 on the trails. Only mods are Cycra hand guards, FMF Fatty pipe, 13/50 gearing and steel clutch plates. The clutch plates add flywheel weight. I had a 14 ounce flywheel weight with the aluminum plates and it worked great. I added the steel plates and it was too much. With just the steel plates it is just right.
  7. Steve69SS396

    Hand Cramping

    I've had a problem with hand cramping and tried something this weekend that worked for me. After hours of trail riding my hands would start to cramp. It wasn't arm pump. My hands would involuntarily close up. I had to force them open to get it to stop. It was very painful and made it difficult to keep riding. I went riding on Saturday and that morning I ate a banana for the potassium, and my wife had me take some calcium & magnesium supplements. We rode for about 6 hours that day. In the past standing up brought on the hand cramps. Of the 6 hours we were riding I stood up for at least half of it without any cramps. This was a huge improvement. In the past if I rode standing on the pegs for an hour my arms would not stop cramping. I'm not sure if it was the potassium, magnesium, calcium or all 3. Whatever it was it worked. It is soooo much more enjoyable to go riding when you aren't fighting your own body. Just wanted to share and hope it helps others.
  8. Call: http://www.btrmoto.com/
  9. Steve69SS396

    Jody’s manifesto of an unrepentant two-stroke aficionado

    They should get rid of the stupid displacement rule and let the debate get settled on the track. I'd love to see a 450 2 stroke run against the 4 strokes.
  10. Steve69SS396

    Carnegie - Just got bigger

    Go ride with Kevin Porter, he'll show you some good trails. He is there just about every day parked next to Moto Mart with a white Chevy truck and white enclosed trailer. Rides a '95 CR500.
  11. Steve69SS396

    Massive Amounts of Fun

    When I started riding back in the 70's it was all about the 2 strokes. I still prefer the way they sound, smell and the power. Also, I love it when out on the trails and the 4 stroke guys are wearing themselves out trying to get their bikes started. My pinger always fires right up.
  12. Steve69SS396

    post pics of your project

    In addition to my '02 CR250 I also have a '69 Camaro and a '69 SS396 El Camino. Not sure if they qualify but thought I'd put them out there.
  13. Steve69SS396

    Tecate 2 Cabo

    Awesome pics! Me and some friends might make the trip next year.
  14. Steve69SS396

    Some Fall Trail Riding......

    Great video's Don!