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  1. KatDirt

    Time for a bigger bike!

    Yeahh, I've been on my friends 230. The size was fine but Id be a little concerned about the weight of the bike. I'm looking for something that'll be faster then my ttr, but still easy for me to handle weight wise.
  2. KatDirt

    Time for a bigger bike!

    Almost positive I'm gonna get the crf50r! Thanks guys and girls!
  3. KatDirt

    Time for a bigger bike!

    Hey guys! Thanks for the input. I'm leaning towards a crf150r. I am only 5'3 and 130 pounds...not that tallest out there. And I am into trail riding. Let me know if that info helps!
  4. So when I started riding I had NO experience so I bought my ttr125 as a starter bike. Few years went by and I have now outgrown it. I'm a 19 year old girl and pretty short, so I feel as though I'm quite limited as to what I can get. I'm looking for any suggestions of what might be a good bike for me! Thanks!