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  1. orange320

    new engine will not start

    Travis is being great, but I am at a loss as to what is wrong I am taking it to the dealer to have a compression test and leak down test done, as I do not have the right tools for this, so we will see. Depending on the outcome Travis said I could send it back or have the dealer take care of it and he would make it right. personally I would rather send it to him I have had bad luck with the dealer here, but no other shops will touch a KTM.
  2. orange320

    new engine will not start

    I did not talk to Travis because he was closed untill today and it was late when I posted , but thanks for pointing that out, it is nice to see that all forums have someone like you to state the obvious, thanks for the welcome to the forum. Anyway he walked me through checking the timing which was one tooth off on the exhaust but it still will not start it is popping out the exhaust and carb. Do you think the stator or something else could have went when the motor did.
  3. orange320

    new engine will not start

    I talked to Travis he gave me a couple things to check, I will do that tonight
  4. orange320

    new engine will not start

    I was going through my bag of parts they sent me back and found a bag of jetts which I assumed were my old ones but maybe they don't install them there are 2 sets in there does anyone have any idea where I should start for a 320 kit I am at about 5,000 ft. I am not very good with guessing jetting the bag contains a 165, 182, 48 and a 40 the carb has 168/42 in it but I would assume it would start either way
  5. So I blew the bottom end on my 08 xcf-w 250. I sent it to thumper racing had the 320 bb kit installed, I got the engine back yesterday installed it and nothing. I have spark, I have fuel. occasionally it will backfire but it will not even try to run. they rejetted it for the increased disp. brand new plug, does anybody have any ideas I am pulling my hair out