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  1. 916kx65

    2003 kx65 probelm

    Sounds super that I don't have to split the case! I rode the bike for about 10 min to see if oil will drop and it did. Alright guess I'll pop off the clutch cover and see what's up. Is there a way to tell if the seal is bad? If it's bad I'll replace it and hopefully it will run better.
  2. 916kx65

    White smoke, low power, etc!

    Yeah sounds like the engine is sucking in tran oil... check your oil level and see if its dropping. I just bought a 03 kx65 and its also smoking alot and the clutch is hard to pull in.
  3. 916kx65

    2003 kx65 probelm

    Thanks for the info guys How do I check the compression? If it is sucking tranny fluid.. is that the crank seal that needs to be replaced or can other things cause this?
  4. 916kx65

    2003 kx65 probelm

    So I recently bought a 03 kx65 for my little bro and have some problems with it. First off, it smokes a lot even when warmed up. From what I remember my 02 cr80 smoked only on a cold start and then was very minimal. It also seems like it wants to stall (dont know maybe "bogs" is the correct term) when throttle is open 1/3. I set the needle on 3rd clip (originally was on 2nd) and it seems like it got a little better but still smokes. When I bought the bike there was no air screw so I bought one and adjusted it to 1 1/2 out. I already cleaned out carb so dont really know what else I could mess with to cut the smoke other than putting new fuel in or getting a new spark plug. The other problem is the clutch seems hard to pull in and when its in gear the bike creeps just a little. Just now I also realized that the oil level seems like it went down (replaced with atf type f when got it). Im not 100% sure but from what I remeber it was halfway on the glass window and now its like 1/4. Maybe this explains both the smoking and the hard clutch? Im not a mechanic and when I bought the bike I thought all it needed was a little carb cleaning and clutch cable adjustment. Hopefully I could get some tips or clues of whats going on and what I could do to fix this up. Please....