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  1. tossworm2

    1993 ttr blowing fuse

    bike is fixed unplugged and reconected the geny and found a loose conection.thanks for your help. keith.
  2. tossworm2

    1993 ttr blowing fuse

    Oh yeah the geny gets hot without the engine running .ta
  3. tossworm2

    1993 ttr blowing fuse

    Cheers . Will get multi meter out tomorrow and have another go . Only prob is that the grey imports that came into the UK in 1993 only have one fuse . So will have to see what is still going to ground .
  4. tossworm2

    1993 ttr blowing fuse

    ok chaps the fuse problem is cured was the horn shorting out must of been all the vibes in the last enduro, still have one prob though the generator is getting warm and draining the batt now any clues?
  5. tossworm2

    1993 ttr blowing fuse

    Help please had to retire from an enduro with a blown fuse, stripped wiring harness down installed a new fuse and reconected everything thinking proces of elimination will find fault. everything connected and still got an intact fuse, started bike and ran fine but as soon as i blipped the throttle bang goes the fuse and will blow a fuse as soon as ignition is switched on. any ideas please. thanks keith.