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  1. oldhack

    Best frame for CR500 AF conversion

    I have exactly the same issue with bannedcr500riders. They sent me an email to say they were in the process and I would get another email once my request was confirmed, nothing happened.
  2. oldhack

    RV talks to Matthes.....good read!

    Hmmm. Poto is going to be a tough opponent as usual but yeah, not sure what to make of that from him. As a Roczen fan it can only be good for him to be training with the champ. Hope all the teams do well in a few weeks time and provide great racing. After all that's why we all watch right? Looks like we have a great year ahead no matter who you cheer for! Bring on A1!!
  3. oldhack

    Milsaps Questionable. . POOP !

    That really sucks for Davi. I hope he is on the line at A1. Was great to see him do well last year.
  4. oldhack

    Chad Reed for 2014 on Kawasaki

    . Pretty sure no one has mentioned that Chad was not liking the forks on the Honda. So what has he chosen? The only other bike with an 'air fork'! I'm actually a fan but I'm a bit confused by this. Maybe he is allowed to run a spring fork without Kawi putting up a fight like Honda did? Any ideas/speculation/lies/thoughts?
  5. oldhack

    APT Smartcarb

    There are good reasons pointed out in the email and I can appreciate their predicament, but thats gotta be a kick in the guts to those who have pre-ordered and will now have to wait an addtional 10 weeks? I really hope this product delivers all it promises and I will definately buy one in the future if it does. But the wait must be killing you guys! .
  6. oldhack

    YZ 325

    Just realised this is pretty close to thread jacking... Apologies guys I didn't mean to do that!
  7. oldhack

    A Serious Thank you from across the pacific-

    As a fellow Aussie I would like to wholeheartedly agree with the above post. Most of the advice and guidance I have received was from a couple of the 4 stroke pages as that's what I rode at the time. More recently I have been posting in this forum and have found equally helpful and knowledgable people in here. Thanks guys! Oldhack
  8. oldhack

    YZ 325

    Nice work 'projectcxr'. I think these kits look great. How is the 325 working out for you? Any thoughts on the 325 vs std 250 motors you would like to share? I'm keen to build one of these motors in the near future so im keen to see what people think of them. Oldhack
  9. oldhack

    YZ 325

    I'm keen to hear from anyone who has got their hands on a 345 kit also. Last I checked they had not been released yet though? EDIT I just found this on their site: YZ 345 KIT Our Price: $879.00 MOST OF THE TESTING IS DONE WE ARE MAKING SOME CHANGES TO THE CASTING JUST FOR CLEARANCE . WE HAVE A ORDER FOR THE CASTING IN NOW SHOULD BE DONE MIDDLE OF MARCH Pretty sure last time I checked there was no price against this kit only the 325 kit. I guess this means they are selling it now? I would ring them but I am in Oz so that makes it hard. Anyone know if the 345 is actually released yet and if so does anyone have it installed? Thanks, Oldhack
  10. oldhack

    mad meg, big boo boo

    Oh dear. That's not good! Poor girl had it won.
  11. oldhack

    Hear the 325 braap!

    Watched it. Bike sounds awesome! Shame thevideo was not longer though. i would have liked to have heard more of it. I want one for my next bike that's for sure. Best of luck with the racing. Oldhack
  12. oldhack

    Lectron vs Smart carb pro's and con's?

    Fair point. It will be a little while before I am ready so I will keep my eyes on the forum as you suggest
  13. oldhack

    Lectron vs Smart carb pro's and con's?

    Great feedback, thanks. I am starting to think Lectron is the way to go. Cheaper and readily available. I can put the change towards my EG 295 or ESR 325 big bore! No to convince the minister for finance and recreation... Oldhack
  14. oldhack

    Lectron vs Smart carb pro's and con's?

    Yeah sorry that was auto correct. I did mean YZ250, 295 or 325 2strokes
  15. oldhack

    Lectron vs Smart carb pro's and con's?

    Thanks all who have given info thus far. Seems like they are both fairly close in improvement over stock with one more expensive and difficult to obtain at the moment. I am not yet in the market so the smart carb wait list does not effect me at the moment. Anyone who has tried both by any chance on a YZF? Thanks, Oldhack