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  1. SeanPatrickLucey

    DRZ 400S Starter issues

    Thanks yeah it did fall hard to the clutch lever side. I didn't have the time to get at the clutch lever wiring and have to put the bike up for the winter (sucks) today so it looks like I will have to tackle it in the spring. Thanks for all the input and thanks for the diagram, I'll be saving that.
  2. SeanPatrickLucey

    DRZ 400S Starter issues

    Thanks, I was able to bypass the relay with a screwdriver and it fired up and the kill switch worked to shut it down. I wasn't getting any voltage from the switch to the relay. I disconnected the kickstand interlock at the quick connect and used a paperclip to bypass the interlock and it still wouldn't fire up. Does that rule out that there is a problem with the relay and narrow it down to the clutch lever interlock?
  3. SeanPatrickLucey

    DRZ 400S Starter issues

    I was on the trail yesterday and got mired in a mud hole and it took a little while to get the bike through it and it stalled a few times when I dropped it. After I got across I dropped it again and when I picked it up and hit the ES nothing happened. I can bump start it and it runs but she won't fire with the ES. When I hit the start the headlight dims so there is power going to the starter. the bike is a 2011 with 800 miles on it. Any suggestions?
  4. SeanPatrickLucey

    2011 DRZ 400s radiator

    Thanks all, I sent the radiator to Myler's and they offered to fix it for 85 bucks but I would have been down two tubes so I bought their aftermarket one for 135 and plugged it in. I went with the Devol radiator guards. I encountered another issue with the DRZ 400S yesterday though that I need some insight on. It won't start! I was on a trail and got mired in a pretty big mud pit and had to muscle her through and dropped it a few times in the process. If it stalled it would fire right back up but then I dropped it a final time and when I went to hit the ES nothing happened. The headlight dims so there is power going to the starter but it doesn't even crank. It got pretty hot while I was winding it out of the bog and I'm wondering if I fried something. Any ideas? Fuze? also, how the hell do you start a new thread?
  5. SeanPatrickLucey

    2011 DRZ 400s radiator

    Hey I just crunched my right radiator on my 2011 DRZ 400 S and I am looking to replace it ASAP. Also need to get a set of Radiator Guards. I found some radiators on Ebay but most are only guaranteed to fit on models up to 2008. Have there been any changes to the radiator systems on the DRZ's in the last three years? Can anyone suggest a good aftermarket radiator for less than 200 bucks? What radiator guards do people like? I was looking at some Devols that looked pretty good. Thanks.