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  1. Like title says. some sand and debris in the tank that got to the fuel pump and now bike wont clean how do i clean it
  2. Erman909

    whats your thoughts on the 11 or 12 kx 450f

    I live in alberta and thats where i bought my bike where abouts are you going to be? Most common parts places will stock, as for bar you can really put anything on it. The one thing i noticed was the places would have all stock parts but wouldnt carry much aftermarket
  3. Erman909

    2011 KX450f dies

    i wish they would have done something, i am really pissed off at the dealer i will never go back
  4. Erman909

    08 kxf 450 dies when it gets hot

    You rads bent at all?
  5. Erman909

    2011 KX450f dies

    Where did you get your bike that you have a 30 day warranty on it? Please tell me cause a buddy bought a 2011 as well as me and his oil pump failed F****D the whole top end and they said there wasnt no warranty on the bike and made him pay
  6. Erman909

    2011 KX450F cuts out at 3/4 throttle

    When you say cut out does it bog at 3/4 or does it rev right out and it doesnt seem like your going anywhere?
  7. Erman909

    whats your thoughts on the 11 or 12 kx 450f

    I have a 2011 kx450f I love it I will never go to anything else! im 5'10 and im so comfy of the bike. It handles amazingly well tons of power. In my mind if you would save alot on going with the 11 over the 12 id just get the 11.
  8. Erman909

    2011 KX450F Clutch

    I would definetly put a complete hinson in! They are just priced quite high, if you want to give me an awesome deal on one ill take it right now lol. Pulled the old one out and it was screwed burnt up so badly
  9. Erman909

    2011 KX450F Clutch

    Yeah I just ordered the EBC one, I hope it helps
  10. Erman909

    2011 KX450F Clutch

    Hey everyone I have a 2011 KX450F and I have a feeling the clutch is burnt out already, it seems to be slipping alot, in 3rd gear if i open it up a little it revs right out and feeling like its going no where. Any ideas what i should put in to replace the stock one? I do clutch more then i should lol Thanks