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  1. supermoto_FREAK

    What's wrong with my charging system?

    put a new battery in my bike and continued to run it, now my battery is junk wont hold over 6 volts... i need to figure out this issue its killing me.
  2. supermoto_FREAK

    painting swingarm with truck bed liner

    got my swing arm off, going to "rough" it up a bit then bedliner it! YEE HAW
  3. supermoto_FREAK

    How much coolant

    im going to run "Engine Ice" i believe you dont need to add anything, just pour it in and go
  4. supermoto_FREAK

    What's wrong with my charging system?

    im having the SAME issue, once you install your stator please let me know if the issue is resolved:)
  5. supermoto_FREAK

    painting swingarm with truck bed liner

    i almost got mine powder coated, i might bed line it but then i might polish it, not sureeee
  6. supermoto_FREAK

    How much coolant

    just bought new coolant hoses for my 2001 drz400s, im going to be running "engine ice" in this bike now, how much coolant should it take and does this bike have a thermostat?
  7. supermoto_FREAK

    Check out my mini wipeout lol

    just making sure the soil is burnout worthy, no biggie.
  8. supermoto_FREAK

    ticking noise on 01 drz s

    its alll good get the mcct though ;p
  9. supermoto_FREAK

    DRZ400S electrical problems.

    yea still tinkering on it. haha.
  10. supermoto_FREAK

    DRZ400S electrical problems.

    ya im bringing it to a shop
  11. supermoto_FREAK

    DRZ400S electrical problems.

    well the battery is brand new! its had plenty of full charges, im going to replace the R/R and see if that fixes it
  12. supermoto_FREAK

    DRZ400S electrical problems.

    yea the battery pushes out 12.63 volts but when i connect it to the starter it only shows 10.63 volts, so im losing 2 volts somehow
  13. supermoto_FREAK

    2001 drz400s possible bad stator?

    at idle its roughly 13.8
  14. supermoto_FREAK

    DRZ400S electrical problems.

    battery with key off 12.9 volts. batter with key on 12.45 volts. battery with bike running 13.6 volts. i tested the 3 yellow wires and they ALL passed with flying colors. the starter only draws 10.63 volts when starting. ALL ground have been cleaned and have tune up grease.
  15. supermoto_FREAK

    How-to: Twin PIAA headlight Install

    oh man i love this idea in a private message tell me all info on where you got the stuff!