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  1. boywonder

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    Victor...I sent you a PM...looks like I'm out..... We were just up there two weeks ago, trail conditions were excellent (rained a little every day)....no camp host at Troy ......and sparse ranger coverage. We did run into Daniel (ranger) at Troy on the last day, they are a little thin on rangers at the moment. He got there just in time to put some TP in the pit toilets.
  2. boywonder

    Lpnf East Frazier open?

    Hey Sarge, it was me and a couple of my buddies on KTMs........hopefully there will be another Kennedy Meadows ride this summer......
  3. boywonder

    Kennedy meadows 2015

    .......when is the next KM ride?
  4. boywonder

    Kennedy meadows 2015

    Hey Matt & Kyle.......where you guys at KM two weekends ago? I made a last minute detour to KM on my way to Moab and got a flat on rattlesnake (what else is new?) and was stuck on the road above mahogany when the bead let loose. A small conga line of riders went by on mahogany and I noticed Matt's Captain America helmet.....and perhaps a white 2 stroke......and a couple of other orange bikes......
  5. boywonder

    Who is considering KM for Memorial Day w / e

    ....looks like I'm out.......my buddy has Glen Helen Tickets and we may end up the KTM pits.....
  6. boywonder

    Who is considering KM for Memorial Day w / e

    So far, yes. Probably head up Friday PM and leave Sunday afternoon.
  7. boywonder

    Who is considering KM for Memorial Day w / e

    umm.......what's Kv? I'm mostly in for Km.......thanks Helix66 for letting me know about this ride.
  8. boywonder

    Barstow roll call for Sunday.

    Take them to a neutral place, like a dog park (maybe when there are no other dogs there!) It's best to first introduce them to each other in a neutral place, but it sounds like it's too late for that....... 99% of the time they will sort it out; it may take a brawl or two. Are they both Males/females?
  9. boywonder

    Barstow roll call for Sunday.

    Give them a little time..they'll sort it out..........they are figuring out who will be the boss.
  10. boywonder

    Barstow roll call for Sunday.

    Fun ride today! Nice meeting everyone! Thanks Ken for knowing where we were going & thanks Rick for sweeping, I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight.
  11. boywonder


    if this happens I'm in. The extravaganza part sounds interesting, as long as it doesn't involve tequila.
  12. boywonder

    Next Kennedy Meadows Trip

    When is the next KM boondoggle?
  13. boywonder

    Deciphering trail names in National Forest?

    This may raise more questions than answers..... http://tchester.org/sgm/lists/anf_map_roads.html
  14. boywonder

    Kennedy Meadows Labor Day weekend

    It can always get worse.......about half of the neighbor's house burned down from a failed aquarium pump motor a few years ago. Then he became a heavy drinker, and died last year from liver failure. His name was Kenny.
  15. that thing is sweet Greg!! they call these 3 strokes since they pull so hard from the bottom.