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  1. hey cheers for reply from the numbers 9,26,16,17,15,27 i need all of that...dam bike never came with it just guessing that is why the bearings are stuffed yeah?...i have this link here for a aftermarket thing instead of the speedometer
  2. just an update for me i think its back to normal now?? what is every one else got now
  3. @tl1000rlt yeah same it must be a bug or something hope it sorts it self out soon this is dam ugly lol
  4. yeah when i first signed up i liked the 1 i first saw was way cooler ... if i only saw this one i wouldn't know any different but this one i got now is very Blah ...i have tried google chrome..firefox..and IE and all the same wondering if its a bug on the site maybe? who do we contact around here with problems like this...hope it is fixed soon cheers
  5. i tried to toggle between red/silver and back to legacy but still have this big ugly layout i liked the 1 i signed up to 2day lol is it something at my end?
  6. hey all just joined up today what a great site ...i have recently bought a 1989 Honda xr250r...and i am wanting to do it is in pretty rough shape..first thing im tackling is the front wheel as the bearings were stuffed in it so i bought some new i think there is some bits missing like the speedometer i have seen a lot of pics with what i think is that bit against the do i really need that on there? can i still put the wheel back together and ride without it cheers for any help