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  1. chriskramer07

    Honda CRF 450r Woods bike?

    I know this is old but I agree. Room to grow too.. just my thought Edit: also in Michigan!! +1
  2. chriskramer07

    Help with 04 RMZ 250 timing and valve clearance

    Ok thanks for your replies. The part that is confusing is that i am not seeing the 3 marks on the window for the crank. In fact I'm not seeing any of them. The only mark I see is a neon looking paint mark. I ended up taking it in... Hope to here something from this guy next week. Thanks again! I will keep you posted
  3. chriskramer07

    Help with 04 RMZ 250 timing and valve clearance

  4. Ok, so the bike runs if i bump start it. I can kick the bike hot and get it going but when I was riding it, its very boggy on the low end. I took off the valve cover to check the valve clearance. When I went to put it at TDC its hard to tell when its there because in the window for the crank there is not the tick marks you normally see. There is only a neon looking paint marker line. Has anyone had the same type of marking? If that is where my top dead center is my timing is WAY off. Compression feels really low as well very easy to kick. do not have a compression gauge yet but hopefully get one soon. I got the bike in a trade. The guy I got it off said it needed a piston and valves. He works at a shop as a mechanic so I paid for the parts and a little bit for labor to just have him take care of it. The only thing that was wrong was the o ring on the drain plug of the carb was bad and leaking but I fixed that. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  5. chriskramer07


    Just like the other two stated. Bleed the brake and make sure there is no air getting in somewhere. I had the smallest crack on my master cylinder cap and it caused failure good luck i just picked up my CRF 450 as well
  6. chriskramer07

    2004 rmz250 starting problems

    Hello everyone, I picked up an 04 rmz 250 from this guy in a trade. He just replaced the piston and valves right before the deal. Once I got it back to my house i could not get it started to save my life unless i bumped it. Once it is warm i can kick it over pretty easily. also it has a horrible low end bog I'm thinking the carb might just be dirty or could it be valves. I'm overseas right now so the bike its not with me i would have taken the carb out to clean but i got it right before i left. Thanks Chris
  7. chriskramer07

    yz 250 5th gear problem.

    Thanks for all your help
  8. chriskramer07

    yz 250 5th gear problem.

    I just picked up the bike last Thursday took it for a ride at the guys house but never made it into fifth when I got to my buddy's place we raced down the road and it will just go into neutral and cut in and out of gear
  9. chriskramer07

    yz 250 5th gear problem.

    I just got a 2001 yz 250 every gear is fine but slips out of 5th gear someone please help thanks!
  10. chriskramer07

    2002 YZ250F carburator not working

    I have the exact bike and problem! My fuel bowl is filling I got a new needle same stock setting and still isn't getting fuel to the plug. Plug is completely dry.