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  1. mike37

    San Luis obispo county-riding spots

    yes there is a track in Atascadero its private land but it was open to use last I herd if you don't trash the place Santa Barbraa road where it changes to los Palos rd by the RR tracks you can see it on google maps have you tried pipe line in Paso off Ramada drive you can see it from 101 private land but if you respect it you want have a problem I have fried that rid there MX type riding
  2. mike37

    Pozo trails question : ATVs ok ?

    do you start out of Turkey flat or Navajo staging aria
  3. mike37

    Pozo trails question : ATVs ok ?

    pozo get a current trail map we were just out there and a lot of the trails are closed and a lot were hard trails it takes a good rider for pozo a quad my be to wide for a lot of the trails the ones we hit went from easy to very narrow and hard in the tern of a corner
  4. mike37

    Ride After Work

    i wish i had the option to ride after work
  5. mike37

    looking for a group to ride with

    thanks I will check it out do you ride hollister a lot
  6. looking for a group to ride with I would like to find families to camp and ride with or day stuff at Hollister hills or ballinger California my son is 17 and a beginner rider we like trails not motocross just nice easy fun stuff PM me if you have a trip planed that we could tag along with