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  1. 247klx

    what swing arm to get?

    hi, i was wondering which extended swing arm to get because i want to make it taller i found this one 18" race alum extended swing arm for like $90 why is it so cheap?because i go to like bbr and stuff and there swing arms are like $500 can you please tell me whats the difference and if this is good for $90?because i dont have much money like 500 to spend on the swing arm.
  2. 247klx

    XR100 noob help idle issues

    remember this the spray doesnt ALWAYS work i sprayed my klx 110 everywhere to make that thing clean and it did nothing.... honestly you should just buy new jets for the bike thats what i did then after that it took 5 or 6 kicks to start it up and it ran like a champ one more thing for a stock pilot jet / main jet you should go to the closest store and order them from honda because most places dont sell stock jets well atleast mine didnt :/
  3. 247klx

    Question! will the...

    will the 143cc of a 03 klx 110 fit/work on a 06 klx 110 please answer fast i need to know before i buy! thanks!
  4. 247klx

    KLX110 / KX65 Conversion

    honestly im not to sure but it seems like it would be a tight fit, and another thing just buy the kx forks on like craigslist (way cheaper) and buy the swing arm from a dirt bike store or like planetmini's rather than going through the trouble of taking off the engine and putting it on a kx frame. just a thought i would rather save the time and just get the parts for the klx
  5. 247klx

    check it out was wondering how to....

    which one do you think is best and doesn't cost to much, to make it taller/stiffer
  6. hey im a pretty big guy 6,1 about 270 not gunna lie and i have a rmz250 that i ride the most but i have a mini klx 110 and i was wondering how to stiffin up the suspension to make it not go down as much and i was wondering how to make it a little taller (i know im wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to big for the bike but i wanna see if i can make it at least a little better) please help if u can
  7. 247klx

    Klx110 camshaft

    BBR cam is good im pretty sure im going to get one here in a little bit for my little sisters klx 110
  8. 247klx

    Klx/Drz 110 Where to buy?

    i thought id help out, so heres a site you can use its a cycletrader for the united states but its uk style http://www.autotrader.co.uk/bikes check it out
  9. 247klx

    what should i get?

    Ok what should i get?my long term goal is to make this klx 110 a street legal bike. should i either get the 143cc kit or should i get the 160cc kit the 160 is cheaper for some reason im not sure why maybe someone could explain but which one is best and easier to put on? And also is the BBR camshaft worth how much it is? what does it do for the bike?fast?run smoother?
  10. 247klx

    klx110 wont start???

    hey everyone im having so much trouble getting my klx110 started! its a pain in the ass i know i brought it on myself i let it sit for over a year and i was told the the carburetor needs to be cleaned and the main jet/pilot jet might need to be cleaned i took it all out cleaned the carb has a little dirt in it i soaked the main jet/pilot jet in gas over night it didnt help the main jet you can see a little bit through it, but the pilot jet is cloged u cant see anything through it if u hold it up in the sky u cant see anything its just black, is it possible i might need new pilot jet? will that get it started?