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  1. I forgot to mention that.. Yeah, there are four u-bolts holding it to the wood "skid" to the cargo frame below..
  2. The sticker says it's rated for 500lbs but I'm worried that I'm adding to the bikes "weight" by wrenching down on the tie down straps attached to the car..
  3. I’m new to the forum and new to the bike world. (17 year hiatus) I’m taking a MSF Basic Course next month on the Coast Guard base where I work. Until I take this course, I can’t officially drive on the street or base (need course to get my license). I built this contraption as a way to transport my bike to the base which is about 19 miles away. (I don’t need to break any speed records getting there). The ramp pictured came with bike and came in super handy today.. Please be gentle, but it would be helpful for you guys to point out any weaknesses or point out anything I should change/modify. Two mount points behind the bumper, one going to the right bar end and other going to rear frame.. Two mount points on the outer edge of the rack go to the left bar end and again the rear frame. the base is 2x8 with 1.5" edging screwed in place and mounted to the cargo hitch frame with 4 u-bolts. The cargo hitch is a 500lb capacity Harbor Freight special.. Thanks in advance! Sam Gardner Santa Rosa, CA