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  1. Ktm125sx ALL THE WAY! way lighter than four strokes, and can be extremely fast, and can be ridden softly when needed, and you could add a flywheel to balance the power of the beast! Hope I helped
  3. I am selling my 2010 klx110 for a kx100 and I want to know how much money I can get of of it. It is all stock and mint condition. ANY info appreciated. Please help
  4. Ya but I can't post it but can text you the pic of it my number is 8322603796
  5. I have a 2010 klx110 and the shocks are just too soft. So I brought some BBR heavy duty springs, but when I took the forks to the shop the mechanic told me the top of my forks got this dent in them and he couldn't put in the springs because he couldn't get them out. Is there ANY way to fix this and so I can put in the springs? Please help!
  6. I am putting new front springs on my 110 so I can jump it hard, but some how I stripped a bolt. now I need to get it off some how. Any ideas? Pleazz help!
  7. I'm 12 5.1 Feet and am going to race in supermini
  8. It's a sx
  9. I am looking at bikes and I want to get ether a crf150r or a ktm105. Witch one is more realible, faster, and which one has better suspension? Thanks
  10. I am getting a new bike and I need to know if I should get a ktm105 or a yz85. I am going to do just motocross and a little trail riding. I am leaning towards the ktm because is is a 105 and has bigger suspension. Also witch one has stiffer shocks?
  11. I am getting a new bike and I can get a yz85 or kx85 witch one has better handeling ,suspension, power, etc
  12. I am looking at new bikes and I can buy a kx100 or a ktm105sx wich one has better suspension handling and power? Plzz help.
  13. I am moving up to a bigger bike and I can buy a cr85 yz85 ktm85 ktm105 kx85 kx100 rm85 which One is all around a faster bike, and wich one has better shocks? Plzz help
  14. I hav a 2010 klx110 and I am looking at camshafts. I want a whole bunch of mid end Power and some more top end. But I don't want to spend too much money. PLZZ HELP!
  15. Yes. You want to spread alot of it all around the cylinder" make sure you lubricate it good. and lub up the clynder head!