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  1. Just wanted to leave an update. I have not bought a bike yet. I have been looking at everything both 2 and 4 stroke. A 2011 yz250f just popped up right down the road from me and for a good price. I will be going to look at it in the next few days!
  2. I have been looking on CL also, i just happened to be at the stealership and these caught my eye. Its not about being lazy, I was just thinking it would be one less thing to worry about out on a 50 mile trail loop. I can always bring premix in my pack. I am also looking at 01 to 04 yz250's
  3. Hey guys, I am looking at my first dirt bike. I have had a few street bikes( ninja 250 and a DRZ400sm) and a quad (raptor 350) before. I am about 5' 10" and about 230lb ( broad shoulders and a bit chubby). It will be used for trail riding mostly. I have put about an hour on my buddies 07 WR250f and that is the extent on my experience on a dirt bike. I am on a budget of $3500 max. I already have gear from when i owned my quad. A dealer in my area has an 06 yz250f for $3200. I do not know how many hours are on the bike but it has a tech care suspension and a pipe and hand guards. The bike looks to be in great shape, just normal scuffs on the plastics. The same dealer has a 2008 yz450f for $3400, not sure on hours, I think its stock, but a decent amount of boot wear on the cases and lower frame. What bike would be better for me? Do those prices seem to be in the ball park? I am worried that the 450 will have to much power for me. Should I pass on both and keep looking? What other bikes should I be looking at? I have considered a 250 2T also. Not sure I want to bother with mixing gas and all that considering it will be mostly a trail/play bike. Thanks in advance!
  4. spartan985

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I bought my 2006 SM today! Woohoo!
  5. spartan985

    New member, about to buy SM. Opinions?

    I'm not sure. Hmm,what should have been done other than chain, oil, ect?
  6. I'm just looking for your veteran drz opinions. I just left a deposit with the seller to hold this drz400sm till I get my insurance and cash from the bank, its a 2006. Here is the CL ad. http://flint.craigslist.org/mcy/2511872942.html We agreed on $3200. Bike seems to be in great shape, only "problem" I can see is the rear right side number plate plastic is scuffed from a low speed drop. Everything else looks fine. I test rode it and it seemed to run like a champ. I had to baby it because the rear tire is 2 days old and still slick, and it just finished raining and it was a bit slick outside. Any reason to not buy this bike?