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  1. 2006SM

    Auto Decompression Removal

    OK, so I removed the Decomp stuff, fired it up and it is still ticking very loudly. Checked valves, good. Timing chain is tight. Anything else to check before I rip it apart? I am thinking piston related. Any thoughts? Bike starts right up and revs fine, no noticable power loss when noise started. I use this as a supermoto bike, came out of a corner, got on the gas and it started ticking so I shut it off. No clue.Thanx
  2. 2006SM

    Auto Decompression Removal

    I have a new, very loud, tick that has just started in my 08 150R. Valve are in spec, and timing chain is tight. Runs great and starts on one or two kicks. I was told the noise is the auto decompression thingy on the cam. Can this simply be removed with no ill effects? I looked it over, and everything is in tack as far as the lever and spring. Are there more than just those parts (spring, lever, bolt, retainer)? Any other deas what it might be? Thanks in advance.
  3. 2006SM

    Got my front wheel off the ground today...

    I must be an idiot cuz I can't seem to get this thig to wheelie more than a few feet. I could wheelie my KTM 525 SX for miles, and my Ducati will stay up all day. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, clutch or no clutch I just can't seem to do it. I've tried standing, sitting back, even standing on the passenger pegs. Nothing seems to help. I think it's just me.
  4. 2006SM

    Got my front wheel off the ground today...

    I would also like to know how you guys are wheeling these things. I also have a ducati 996 that I can stand up in third, but my DRZ won't hardly come off the ground in first. Tried clutching it in 2nd, no luck. I usually use the clutch in 1st as well. Like I said I can wheelie for miles on my Duc, but not this thing. I did the 3x3 mod, full pipe, jetted, and one down on the front sprocket. Still nothing, but it pulls very hard like it should wheelie. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  5. 2006SM

    More Power Please

    I know eventually I will be there, but I would feel a bit guilty ripping a fairly new engine apart. Thanks for all the advise. I will probably do the carb and then wait for the big bore. How are you guys doing wheelies in any gear but first. I can wheelie my Ducati in 2nd without the clutch, but this thing dosn't like to leave the ground. I will do circles around the Duc though.
  6. 2006SM

    More Power Please

    The bike is mostly a comuter and to go have fun around town. I broke both my wrists two years ago and can't really ride off road any more so I sold the 525. It wasn't the best for the road anyway, it was an SX, not the EXC, way to twitchy an could even get a bit scary at higher speeds. the thing could flip you over backwards in top gear if you wern't paying attention.I think I might give the carb a try for now. Probably won't be happy until I do the big bore, but we'll see. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. 2006SM

    More Power Please

    Hey al. New to the DRZ, but not to bikes. I just picked up an 06 SM that only has 1500 miles. The thing is mint. Yesterday I installed a Yoshi RS2 full system, JD jet kit, and did the 3x3 mod. Befor this bike I had a KTM 525 SX that had a supermoto set up. I don't expect the power of that bike, but what will I gain by changing the carb and cams? I don't want to go big bore for now since it is like new. I didn't gain what I thought by doing the mods and would like a bit more. Thanks for any response I can get. This thing is almost more fun than my Ducati 996S.
  8. 2006SM

    DRZ400 SM conversion questions?

    I don't mean to jump in here, but what do the Ecams do for the SM model? I just bought an 06 SM with only 1500 miles on it. I have a Yoshi sytem and the JD jet kit on the way and will be doing the 3x3 mod at the same time. Are the cams worth adding to this? Thanks