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  1. Just got done with a 55 mile ride out of cedar creek and no issues at all! Turned the idle up AND bought a battery tender off eBay let it sit all last week and its frickin awesome again, also ran a mix of sonoco 110(2 gals) and non ethanol 92(3 gals) and boy what a difference in power! The high compression sure loves more octane. I was told by my local shop the battery tender is a must for easy starts and it did seam to make a difference.....
  2. I bought the end cap style for my 12' 350sxf for around $100 bucks and it works great, uses the screw holes in the factory muffler. You can get em online from
  3. My 2012 350 SXF has the EXACT same issue! About 4 rides on it and it just started on the last ride.... I pulled the filter and it had ALOT of little black chunks/specs in it, I assume its plastic from the fuel tank.... I replaced the filter and cleaned out the tank REALLY well. I haven't ridin it yet but I'll let ya know, I think it was just a clogged filter.... Well see.
  4. Oregon

    Angry elf! Fun trail, REALLY tight and fairly technical, it was fun but a def 1st/2nd gear trail that has VERY steep cliffs off the side.... NOT a beginner trail for sure! It seemed to go forever and did have a few short sections that you could pin second or click third but not a "high speed" trail at all. Also now that Tillamook "spring" is here the over growth is pretty bad and makes seeing the trail tough at times.... I like fast trails but for an experienced rider this is fun! Fat tony and I will def do it again. I believe this is one of lion paynes trails and he never disappoints! Pumpkin patch is also a great trail to hit!
  5. Oh and the efi is amazing!!!! The difference between a hot rod built Chevy nova and a top fuel dragster as far as four stroke efi VRS carb.
  6. I rode my buddy's 300xcw and really liked the weight difference BUUUUT for me personally I really love the power delivery of my 350sxf, yes I ride the SXF in the woods! AND LOVE IT!!! It's worth the weight savings right off the bat, plus I really don't miss not having a kickstand. That being said we both swapped for a quick rip and you can't go wrong with either bike but its more about personal "taste" than anything... I like having more grunt down low where the four stroke really shines and still having tons of power on top! Although the 300 is about 8lbs lighter and I def felt that just throwing a leg over it. They BOTH are amazing machines and you won't be disappointed riding either!
  7. Liqui moly (made in Germany) makes a great oil that I use in my 12' 350sxf, comes in full sun 10w-60 and meets the ma2 standard (motorex meets ma) you can buy a 5liter jug for $63.xx shipped. ships it pretty fast, AND sometimes they do $5 shipping on orders over $100 good day all.
  8. ABSOLUTELY!!! But I'm saying there are options...... And not just viscosity but type eg@ Dino vrs synthetic, both will work the same but syn will hold up better and longer under the same conditions. Motorex does not make super top secret special oil is all I'm saying......
  9. I bought the 12' 350sxf, for the money ($6346) it was to cheap to pass up. I have only ridden it once (2 weeks ago) up on hood river. And I'm SOOOO happy I didn't get the 450!!!! The 350 is an amazing machine! It is so much easier to ride in the PNW than the 450 it's crazy. The power is smooth down low and your able to lug the crap out of her, and yet when you twist the throttle she flat MOVES revving to the moon making power the whole way! I bet if it didn't have the13500 rev limit it wod still make more! Suspension is great and the thing turns on a dime. And brakes.... OMG do they stop! My Honda seemed to take forever to stop, yet the 350 is just a touch of the lever and your throwing the anchor out! The fact it had no kick start worried me but the e-start works flawlessly. Did I mention it turns on a dime? Best purchase I've ever made for sure! I feel like I'm 19 yrs old again!!!! This bike has re-ignited the love I have for riding dirtbikes!!!!! By far the best bike (for me) I have ever riddin, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will NEVER again buy another 450. It IS the perfect mix I have been looking for. I would love to say its the "In between" bike I wanted (250/450) but its waaayyyyy more than that! And the fuel injection is awesome perfectly tuned every time. If your looking and worried its not enough power think again! It absolutley reminds me of "the original" YZ400F as far as the motor goes! AND I LOVED THAT BIKE! Ktm did it right. NUFF SAID!
  10. Oil is SOOOO simple, first off.... Yes use what your comfortable with! The motorex has an (JASO MA) rating, ALL oil are rated with the same systems.... JASO AND API. And yes the non synthetic rottela t 10w40 meets the MA rating, BUUUTTTTT, rottela t is not a synthetic oil basically meaning you need to change it more often. However rottela t6 IS a synthetic oil while still meeting the JASO MA standard.
  11. Yes I was thinking the same thing. I am gonna try the trail tech map switch tho. I have a buddy that loves it, says in the muddy slick snot the "mild" setting rocks for traction and the track setting "wild" really pulls hard vrs the stock setting.... For $79 bucks it a easy and cheap try/fix for me! I'll let ya know how it works for sure.
  12. When I bought my 2012' 350sxf last weekend they said for $45 they could reflash my ecu with the 13' map.... Anyone had it done??? How is it if so?
  13. I AM CRACKING UP READING THESE POSTS!!!!! so first off... The "front tire" issue, I don't know where most of you guys ride but over here in the Pacific Northwest it hooks up great! I bought the "left over" 2012 350 sxf last Saturday and rode it in hoodriver Sunday..... THE BEST BIKE I'VE EVER OWNED!!!! I read everything I could on all three 11'-13' and was really worried about buying one, I'm 37yrs old 195lbs and (when I raced) a fast junior/slow intermediate rider. That being said my last bike was a 09' crf450x WHICH SUCKED DONKEY BALLS!!! What a turd! 279lbs DRY! Horrible suspension and a confused motor! I was worried the 350 wouldn't work for me.... It is LIGHTYEARS better than my Honda was, it is 234lbs. lighter but feels like a 125cc stroke in comparison! The motor chugs WAY down with plenty of torque and when you twist the throttle IT FLAT MOVES! The "vibration" some have talked about... Less than my Honda 450 for sure! Maybe yours had an issue?? Don't really know. The 51t rear sprocket.... Doesn't seem to need it IMHO. Keep in mind I ride 80%woods and 20% track as most weekend warriors do! If your buying a track bike then maybe this isn't the bike for you?? But for me in the woods and single track this bike is amazing! I can go another 30 miles than I could on my 450x because my 350sxf doesn't wear me out! MOST complained about suspension. For me it rocked! Def was sticky and abrupt for the first 10 miles but worked in we'll and felt great! I was REALLY worried no kick start but the e-start works flawlessly! This is my first ktm after a lifetime of Honda and Yamaha and I really don't think I could go back! The fit and finish is flawless! Everything on this bike "custom" compared the jap bikes. Maybe if I raced 80% of the time I could find something to complain about but I don't and I can't! If your looking to buy one you should really find one to test ride! That being said, I didn't and just went off of what I read..... If I had ONLY read MXA and DIRTRIDER magazine I never would have! But thankfully I googled the shit out of this bike and read every blog and forum I could! Listen to the "OLD" guys this bike ROCKS IN THE WOODS!!!!! I will gladly endorse the hell out of this bike! But def make sure it works for YOU, just because it works for ME doesnt mean it will for you!
  14. I would change it to orange... But the white one will be easier for you to see when your BEHIND ME.
  15. *edit* $6448.... $99 dollars for the spark arrestor.