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  1. vc1911

    Wide Ratio Gears! But no six speed.

    do you have anyone on the east coast doing the mod? this is def beyond my skill level but i love it!
  2. vc1911

    Warn XT17 Adventure bike winch

    could be ok if you were riding solo through the Amazon you would think they'd have a rigid mount for the front also
  3. vc1911

    CBR wheel motard conversion.

    so sick!
  4. How did this ever turn out?
  5. vc1911

    what kind of oil does everyone use

    15-40 Castrol Tection Extra (in everything i have)
  6. vc1911

    Sm vs. S in sumo trim handling

    Any side by side pics?
  7. vc1911

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    Christini 450, however I refuse to sell my drz!
  8. vc1911

    19" front wheel on a DRZ 400sm?

    Not to beat a old thread but, Mitchp i was thinking a similar set up: 18" front and rear with a stock rearrim (i've already read the 'lace rear wheel' thread) with Mefo Explorers. I don't race, don't need supermoto; just want a little more tire up front on the road without sacrificing trail grip. I ride fairly conservatively on and off pavement.
  9. I'm also interested in a used set of SM wheels
  10. vc1911

    Superbike Exhaust?

    KJ & michaelyogi, thank you both for your replies and info. That link to AVr was the answers to all my questions! vc
  11. vc1911

    Superbike Exhaust?

    Just bought a DRZ400 enduro and I'm thinking about exhaust, I want to let her breathe but I don't want it louder. I like the sound of superbike (gsxr/ninja types), here's my question: Has anyone put a crotch rocket exhaust on a single cylinder offroad bike?