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  1. 2000 kx125 frame up restoration everything is new and fresh finding parts for this bike was such a pain I’m glad how it ended up though
  2. Looks a lot like a 4 stroke style plastics, I like that Yamaha listened to there buyers and finally changed the look, but definitely could of been a lot less of a drastic change, doesn't look bad at all though just different then what people are used to seeing.
  3. New graphics on my 14
  4. Ok thank you for the response I will check youtube for a tutorial and ask some knowledgable people for help with it so it gets done right
  5. I ordered these clamps for my 2014 kx450f I was just wondering if they will fit with the stock steering stem I would assume so but just wanted to double check.
  6. awesome thank you for the answer
  7. What's the stock offset for the 14 ? I thought it was 23.5mm, I just ordered a set of 22mm triples just wanna double check that I didnt order the same as stock. I also heard a lot of people going with the 21.5 I thought it was little much of a jump so I went with the 22, I also have the pro circuit rear suspension linkage on there hopefully these two complement eachother well.
  8. "The 2020 kx450f now you don't have to ride the bike, you control it with a remote ridings never been so easy" lol
  9. The bike seems so damn complicated, don't you guys think it's gonna cost serious$$$ to do any repairs to this thing? I don't know just seems like with all this extra stuff that if you have one really bad crash a million different things are gonna break. My 14 already has enough stuff on it.
  10. Coming off a 250f after not riding for a year I decided to buy a 450 finally got 3 decent days riding on it . I must say so far this is a superb machine. I don't know why people were saying it doesn't handle corners well, I felt more confident in corners on this bike then I did on my 250f. The power is strong but it's subtle if that makes sense, it's not the type of power that rips your arms out, it just pulls super smooth. Coming off lips of jumps no unexpected rear end kicks or front end rising. In rough or choppy stuff the front end soaks it right up, I have noticed though if you forget to set the air in the forks before you ride it won't be so smooth and you will notice right away. I also felt the harder you drive into the corners the smoother it wants to come out if I got lazy in the corners and took them slow that's the only time it didn't want to turn. I can't compare it to any other new 450s though because I haven't rode any of the other new bikes. But I would say if your thinking about this bike go for it put in a solid 3-4 days of riding in on it and you will be happy.
  11. Took my 2014 out for the first good ride the other day, so when I was done I was checking all the spokes and I rounded one of the nipples on the front wheel, my question is, is one rounded off nipple a big deal and can I just run it till I can replace it at my next tire change? I can still tighten it but I'm probably not gonna any more because if I keep messing with it its just gonna get worse.
  12. Got my numbers on ready to go
  13. My mom thinks I make bad investments... Oops sorry mom couldn't resist
  14. it's what I can afford.... Not to many people especially a 20yr old going through college can afford two 2012's
  15. Ok so heres the question I have a 2012 yz250f, just picked up a mint 04 for a practice bike I have after market exhaust on my 2012 so I have the stock sytem in the garage and im not a fan of the ugly 04 exhaust silencer would the 2012 silencer fit on the 04?