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  1. RoostnRev

    Post pics of your CR's

    Love those graphics, was wondering where you got them ? Or are they custom ?
  2. So About two days ago I did the top end in my 06 cr125. during this time I also drained the oil, so I had a bottle of pro Honda hp transmission oil next to me as well as premix oil which is what i was gonna use to wipe a light coat on the inside of the cylinder when reassembling well by accident i wiped the trans fluid around the cylinder walls instead of the pre mix oil and didn’t realize it till after the fact once I started it. It ran a little rich but it did clear up, so my question is did i do harm to the cylinder and or possibly mess up the rings seating properly?
  3. RoostnRev

    Stock slide size ? 2006 cr125

    Just figured I would give you guys and update got the bike back together Pilot jet 30 main 420 27-69 needle on second clip position down from the top br9 plug mixed 32:1 temp is 50 degrees outside and elevation for my location is 400ft above sea level bike idles like a champ doesn’t load up a little mushy at quarter throttle when putting around the pits but not enough to make it load up then mid and up comes on strong and abrupt, definitely a punchy powerband thanks for the help/advice guys I appreciate it
  4. RoostnRev

    Stock slide size ? 2006 cr125

    Awesome thank you for all that info it definitely helps a ton 👍 checked the reeds and they are still quite stiff with no chips, cracks or light coming through when checking through the cage, I ordered all oem jets, and I will have to research how to check and adjust float height as I’ve never done it before, and I don’t have the tools unfortunately to do the pressure test to check the seals like that
  5. RoostnRev

    Stock slide size ? 2006 cr125

    Just picked up a 2006 cr125, have the bike a part to put in a new top end (low compression 120psi) noticed it was was running extremely rich, checked the crank seals on stator side and they are still good. so it’s not from that. while it was apart I was going to change the jetting specs. upon taking apart the carb I noticed the slide says 4.5 on it, is this stock? searched in the forums and could find anything. The other jets that were in it were a 430 main and a 40 pilot which is already leaner then stock which was a 55 pilot originally from factory i believe. I’m gonna drop to a 35 pilot and run a 27-69 needle from a 2004 which i read was a good one for this bike for my current temps and elevation to run cleaner Just wasn’t sure on the slide size. And wanted to get your opinion. Thanks !
  6. RoostnRev

    1997 KX125 build

    I like the silver frame !
  7. RoostnRev

    2000 kx 125

    I just did a frame up restore of one of these bikes, finding parts is tough a lot i had to order oem through Rocky Mountain atv I searched high and low for a complete top and bottom end rebuild kits and They just don’t have them for this gen of kx
  8. Does anybody know if any of the years of the crf250/450 rear brake pedal will bolt up to a 2006 cr125?
  9. RoostnRev

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    2000 kx125 frame up restoration everything is new and fresh finding parts for this bike was such a pain I’m glad how it ended up though
  10. RoostnRev

    Apparently this is the 2015 yz250

    Looks a lot like a 4 stroke style plastics, I like that Yamaha listened to there buyers and finally changed the look, but definitely could of been a lot less of a drastic change, doesn't look bad at all though just different then what people are used to seeing.
  11. RoostnRev

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    New graphics on my 14
  12. RoostnRev

    Aftermarket triple clamps work with stock stem ?

    Ok thank you for the response I will check youtube for a tutorial and ask some knowledgable people for help with it so it gets done right
  13. I ordered these clamps for my 2014 kx450f http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/Applied-Factory-RS-Triple-Clamp-Set-With-Renthal-Fat-Bar-Handlebar-Combo I was just wondering if they will fit with the stock steering stem I would assume so but just wanted to double check.
  14. RoostnRev

    2014 stock triple clamp offset?

    awesome thank you for the answer
  15. RoostnRev

    2014 stock triple clamp offset?

    What's the stock offset for the 14 ? I thought it was 23.5mm, I just ordered a set of 22mm triples just wanna double check that I didnt order the same as stock. I also heard a lot of people going with the 21.5 I thought it was little much of a jump so I went with the 22, I also have the pro circuit rear suspension linkage on there hopefully these two complement eachother well.