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  1. Lngbeard

    Cabo San Lucas DB tours?

    Hey all, Am thinking to do a off road tour while on vacation in Cabo. Anyone have experience with the dirt bike tours around there? Found a couple that have good web sites. Not sure a good web site equals a good days ride. Baja Dirt, Baja ride and Trail Boss tours are the ones I am considering. Any feedback or suggestions would be great. Thank you.
  2. Lngbeard

    Seattle SX 2015?

    Please tell me I am mistaken,,,I do not see Seattle on the 2015 SX schedule. WTH?
  3. Lngbeard

    Nut sacked

  4. Lngbeard


    ^^^^ This. With bike on a center stand,I remove lower shock bolt and raise swing arm so that swingarm and axle are aligned and the chain is at it's tightest point. If you adjust the chain at it's tightest point so there is a little slack you will be amazed at how loose it is when you have the shock mount installed and bike sitting on the ground.
  5. Lngbeard

    Frustrating Day at the track

    First time riding in the old Seattle Kingdome in a amateur event. It was there I discovered ruts. Deep, continuous ruts. Jumping rutted jumps and landing in ruts (hopefully landing the same rut). I was crushed.
  6. If you are going back in there I would recommend swapping out the ball bearing filled locking lever with the non ball bearing design. http://ktmtalk.com//index.php?showtopic=420314&st=15.
  7. Lngbeard

    Table top, 1/2 bike length short?

    Thanks for chiming in Gary. So I think I was pretty close to being on track. I actually went to the track where the jump is.(Burnt Ridge MX park in Washington state) Still no go. Too slow in prior corner and not holding it wide open all the way to the launch. I can see and hear that is what the fast guys are doing to clear the jump. Did do a double onto a table followed by a double/ triple combo that I hadn't done before so My ego isn't completely crushed. Thanks again to all who have posted on this topic.
  8. Lngbeard

    Table top, 1/2 bike length short?

    Wow, I was thinking wrong. I guess if the situation comes up I won't pin it but light throttle would be best? I do think just clearing the *$^*% thing would be best. My riding bud walked the "Table" and came up with 60 feet.
  9. Lngbeard

    Table top, 1/2 bike length short?

    Thanks. I know what to do if I come up short or OJ. It's that 1/2 way on-off I wasn't sure about. I think a pretty level bike attitude with a squirt of gas to keep it level should do the trick. I was concerned the front end might dive and rear kick up. I have only had this bike out once on the track but it jumps great. Perfect level and never kicks out sideways. Once I get the full length jump down I'll drop the front to land at same angle as landing ramp.
  10. Lngbeard

    Table top, 1/2 bike length short?

    Thanks again. That is what I was thinking and your validation helps a lot. That is how I will work this jump. Hope the 1/2 on 1/2 off scenario doesn't even come into play.
  11. Lngbeard

    Table top, 1/2 bike length short?

    Thanks motojunkiedan, That's what I was looking for. Would a quick shot of throttle be in order? Or just let the front drop down the face of the landing ramp?
  12. Lngbeard

    Table top, 1/2 bike length short?

    Thanks for the replies (Runnybunny, maybe not so much). I am 55 and just back into riding so I don't "just go for it". I work up to clearing jumps. On this particular jump I know I need more corner speed in the turn prior to the jump. Just wanted some feed back on a specific landing,,front wheel clearing and back wheel not. I have the ability to control the bikes attitude in the air. Man! These new bikes are dope. I have a 2006 KTM sx-f 250. (I guess it's not that new). The last bike I had prior was a 1984 Honda CR 480. I though that bike was sweet till I rode the modern bikes. Amazing.
  13. Working up to clearing a medium length table top (40-50ft) It's a pretty tall one maybe 15 feet. I am landing maybe a couple bike lengths short so far. Pretty hard landing. I have been jumping off from the top of the landing. So if I go a little harder and land with front wheel clearing but back wheel on top, whats the technique to survive it? My guess is gas it to keep front wheel up and not cartwheel down the landing face? Does that sound right?
  14. Lngbeard

    Local riding around carnation this weekend

    Hi jangzing, I know this is a little late for you but thought I would reply anyway. I live on Stillwater hill. Are you talking Stoussel creek for riding? All the trails I know of are locked down for motor vehicles. You can ride the dirt roads but they are pretty boring and you will be sharing with logging trucks and locals. They also end after just a couple miles. If you do know of some trail / MX places to ride around the Snoqualmie valley area I would love to hear about them. You wouldn't happen to be the KTM I see occasionally riding around Carnation would you? I have a 2005 EXC 450 but stay off the paved most of the time.
  15. Lngbeard

    05 KTM 450 EXC

    here's one with some pic's http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=420314&hl=