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  1. I'm using the keihin from my 2016 on my 2017 and it's great!!!!
  2. Yes,my 36 carb is oval 38 bore tapered ... My 2017 runs so much better now...especialy down low in rpm!!
  3. I've put a keihin from my 2016 300 husky on my 2017 Te300 and it runs so much better
  4. Finished my 1990 mx250
  5. Cleaning my bike
  6. Jetting? Pv adjustment..
  7. Jetting way to rich??red pv spring in,screw flush for the powervalve
  8. love this old beast!
  9. I think it is the waterpump
  10. Mods:VHM head,Husky FMF pipe,SX stock silencer,V-force 4 valve . http://youtu.be/any8v8BJrDg
  11. No i did not,but it is lighter and i had to make some adjustments to the rear fender for the light wire.
  12. Ok,but i have a choice with fmf and i like more rev with more top end.
  13. I don't want a all low end power bike,that's why i don't want a gnarly pipe
  14. much better