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  1. brownsugah

    Am I to short

    I am 5'7" and 135lbs and I have a DR650. I am doing just fine. (DR650 is the same seat hieght as the 350, but way more heavier) Thats the thing with the DRs, you dont have to flat foot like sportsbikes. Since you are not a newbie, you will get used to it quickly. IF its really annoying, then look into lowering links. I would say give it a try first.
  2. brownsugah

    The $25 KE100 Project

    KE100 Engine is the same as Kawasaki KB 100 or Bajaj SX Enduro sold overseas (Asian markets) I owned an SX Enduro in the past which is the exact same bike but renamed for Indian market. (The bike parts are still sold in Asian markets if you can find an online dealer) Try searching for KB100 RTZ, Bajaj sx enduro. You might get lucky.