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  1. mikec265

    CR500AF MX Project.. Is it possible to tame?

    I had a 93 cr500 when I was 15/16. That bike rode me. Then I bought an 01 rm250 new and had a bike i could learn to ride
  2. mikec265

    1992 dr250s carb swap?

    my bike is a street model. i replaced the stock fuel petcock with res/prime/on with a dirt only one res/off/on. basicly i want to elliminate the vacuem system on the street model so i never have to mess with it again. will a dirt only carb fit and work correctly?
  3. I see renthal offers them in a 5mm offset, but id like to go more like 12-15mm. can i get any help finding this part before i shell out the big bucks at a local machine shop? i dont want to buy a whole top triple clamp assembly. i want something more economical that simply bolts onto the stock triple clamp. I bought this bike new in fall 2007 and its time i wear out the stock spockets. it would be much more comfortable with different bar mount. i have a taller seat and windham bend bars which helped but not enough. those bars were perfect for me on my 2006 rmz450. Thanks
  4. 1 Winner will recieve a free back window decal for thier pickup truck with the winning design on it! It is snowing where I live so I cant take the pic I need. My loss can be your gain. Plus we all want to see cool pics anyhow. Rules: 1- No AMA or profesional race photos (due to copy rights, trademarks, and the fact that I dont want any trouble from the big boys.) 2- The image must be very high quality and large.( better than 10 megapixels) Remember that it must look good when blown up to 65 inches wide. I am looking for a short wide pic right when the gate drops and the bikes just start roosting. Do not include contact info in your posts. If you win I will send you a private message so I can get your shipping address(Yes shipping is also free). Good luck to all. Cant wait to see the pics.contest ends dec 27:thumbsup:
  5. mikec265

    08 rmz 250 bar mounts

    who sells taller bar mounts for an 08 rmz250 which are also offset to move the bars forward as well? i have stock triple clamps and do not want to spend a fortune on a complete set up. i cant find them any where for my bike. allready have a tall seat and windham bend twinwalls(which are perfect for me on the 450).
  6. mikec265

    1992 dr250s spewing oil out of crankcase vent into air boot

    i didnt realize the fuel petcock has a prime setting. yes it is like a gas/oil mixture coming out. ill drain the oil and refill tommorow and see what happens. also... is there a simple way to block off that vacuum system and still use the stock carb? can i just plug all the gas lines on the tank and carb(except the main supply line of course)?
  7. i have a 92 dr250 duelsport. does any one know what could cause it to throw its motor oil up the breather and into th air boot? the bike was fine last fall and then sat till now. it wont start and when i crank it over the air boot fills with oil. has spark, plug gets wet but is not oily. the bike has a vacuum system. i am 100% stumped. never had or heard of this problem with my mx bikes