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  1. Guess im just unlucky...but 160 bucks worth of unlucky makes me think i need to expand my bar type thanks all.
  2. Will Rubber mounts replace the stock mounts on a Honda 450R? for the renthals?
  3. Also something Im taking into account. It will be easier to change out the 8 doller one then be out for the night waiting on the better one.
  4. I used the highs and Windhams. Loved the feel of both of them, but after bending a pair everytime I ride. I feel like they are to weak, and trust me im not crashing hard its = to me dropping the bike.. If that.. I wont be buying Pro Tapers bars anymore. Prolly going to try the Double wall renthals. 80.00 a week is just to much for a beginner into this sport.
  5. Whats the differance B/t Rubber mounts and solid mounts? My current mounts are bent. Will either of these replace the current ones and fit into the stock slots?
  6. Awesome thanks so much! Any truth in the 3-4 month back order/replacement wait on there levers? Im tired of replacing them after about 10, seems every drop...crack gotta change
  7. Thanks Im going to take at look at them now. Anyone know if AVS Clutch/Break levers are any good? Both mine also broke in the fall..
  8. I took both sets off, and they are both bent about 1/2 an inch on the left side looking at them. Also I did notice rubber sticking out of the (I dont know what its called but holds the bars to the bike). Looks like it also bent back 1/16th of an inch or so.. Have you used eastons? guy at cycle gear said there really good?
  9. So Im on my 4th set of bars on my CRF450 now, I had rethals (factory stock) that took a ton of punishment but I didnt like the feel. I also bought 2 sets of Pro Taper bars that bent while dropping the bike going around a turn (im a beginner and fear ruts...yeah wasnt going fast at all). My question is, do you find that Pro Taper bars bend to easy for 80.00 a pop? and also what are the most durable bars? (I want the bars to outlast my bones).
  10. I actually am looking to do a height/weight set up on my bike. I may do this later tho.
  11. Ever go to the breaux bridge track?
  12. Question, How wide are your bars from tip to tip? I just bought a new set of Pro Tappers (other ones got bent) everything fits but feels a little to wide.
  13. Mines a 2009, Just havent found anyone in lafayette louisiana to do um. Was looking at mods, and the decked out 2009 450R pro circut did, but really they spent 15k on 10hp gain and decked out suspension?? Im not a pro and really dont race, I just like to go to the track do some jumps and have a good time. But this suspension issue is killer bike washes out in corners and bounces around after jumps lol tho I guess its made me better learning how to save it... if it wasnt 2,000 cheaper then the 250R I think I woulda went with the smaller bike. P.S. I was looking for mods that make riding easier. Such as I got this sprocket and it was AWESOME! These tires..ect cause some of my parts need to be replaced
  14. Working the rear spring issue right now. Cant get my SAG correct with the current spring..BUT Idk which one to pick lol..What mods for the front forks?
  15. I haven't modded my bike yet, but im wondering....What mods did you buy and if you did it over which would you get rid of/Keep?