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  1. hglumac

    What tyre does everyone run? (Enduro)

    I change with terrain and conditions. Most recently used a Sedona 907 and really liked it. Low pressure (5psi) with a heavy tube at Hatfield McCoy was unreal. Usually use AT81 or mid soft scorpions.
  2. hglumac

    My dirtbike accident that just changed my life!

    There isn't a guy reading this that hasn't' jumped on and ripped up through the woods in shorts and sneakers at least once. I catch myself all the time riding without proper gear when i ride with my kids, I make them wear it but because im not pushing my ability I neglect myself and in fact set a bad example. I hope you heal up quick. Best wishes from South Western PA!
  3. hglumac

    2017 TX 300?

    Jd jetting figured out the problem....I have a tx300 and LOVE IT. Air forks are awesome.
  4. hglumac

    2017 tx 300 reed issues

    No problems after 22 hours. Did you mess with the reeds prior? Some guys were messing with them to get the jetting right.
  5. hglumac

    2015 tc125 or 2006 yz125

    Id value the yamaha about $1800 to $2k in south west PA no mater how much junk is on it.
  6. This question is nearly impossible to answer. You have to look at the bike, could be totally roached after 5 hours or could be in wonderful shape after 50. As far as track vs desert hours...an hour that the engine running is an hour with the engine running. Depends on tbe rider. You say the engine has been maintained...how so? Changed the oil? Cleaned the air filter? Top end replaced? The internet will not answer these questions for you. If you like the bike ask the seller if he would allow you to have a mechanic look it over.
  7. hglumac

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    +1 for Beaver Creek. Same place I got mine...I took the first one they had. Rodney was great to del with.
  8. hglumac

    What tires for Hatfield McCoy trails?

    I think I'm going to try the Kenda Equilibrium this october...trials/knobby hybrid
  9. hglumac

    Spearhead in VA vs Hatfield-McCoy in WV?

    My group has been riding the HM trails for 6-7 years. We tend to gravitate to the Rockhouse, Buffalo Mountain and Bearwallow trail heads. The southern ones are too open and easy. I was also wondering about the Spearheaded system, we didn't like the lack of single track available there. Maybe one of these days.
  10. hglumac

    JD Jetting

  11. I spent the last 10 years on a Woods converted Yamaha 450, so I know the "power junky" feeling. This year I bought a brand spanking new Husqvarna tx300. I guess it's not a real fair comparison since the 300 has lots of power also but it is so nice to ride a bike "designed" for the type of riding I do. A good friend rides a 200...2009 I believe . He dropped to that from a ktm 450 and was worried about not having adequate power but it has improved his riding tremendously. Ps...I bought the husqvarna to be a little different from all my KTM yuppie friends. When it comes down to it we are all on the "dirt bike" team.
  12. hglumac

    TMX38 jetting-Sticky? "post here!

    I'd say buy the JD kit and close this thread...it fixes the problem.
  13. hglumac

    Throttle problems

    First step would be to pull the throttle apart and check for damage. I don't know why it wouldn't start. A sticky throttle would be common after a fall...maybe it got the tube got cracked or packed with dirt. I doubt the cable got damaged but you would feel that when you pull the throttle.
  14. hglumac

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    Got mine in the mail yesterday...hope to stick it in after work and test.
  15. hglumac

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    Jd kits are available....I just ordered mine!