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  1. Mc73

    we love our 2013 yz250f but,,,

    swapping the airboot from a 2005 yz250f is supposed to give the bike more power
  2. bought a new spark plug today, will clean carb and have a look at tank vent cheers
  3. rode the bike about a month ago and cut out and wouldnt start.so left it and kicked it last week and it started almost straight away and seemed to idle well. then i rode it and it would bog down low also if i shut off coming into a tight corner it would cut out. i have tryed adjusting the air fuel mixture screw and it would start fine but then cut out as soon as i touched the throttle. it then would not start until i adjusted the screw some more,then cut out when i tried to rev it, so now the bike wont run atall.. any ideas what it could be?
  4. Mc73

    Klx/Drz 110 Where to buy?

    I know this is a long shot as its an american forum but does anyone know of good places/ any places to buy from in the uk, i have been looking and cant find any, not even on ebay, can you guys help me out, thanks.