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  1. So, did you ever get the studder problem fixed? I have been working the same issue on a 2007 stock SM. Tried everything to the carb. It still has a stutter at 1/8 throttle around 35 MPH. Way annoying. I suspect it is ignition map, not carb related. That would explain your situation with a FCR carb but still have the stutter
  2. trailridinfool

    stutter at lower cruise speeds

    i have a 2007 that does exactly the same thing. anything below 40 mph in 5th gear on level roads and it kicks a little. i thought it was the pilot jet circuit in the carb making the mixture too lean. rebuilt the carb twice and that didn't help. i now believe it is chain slap because i can hear the exhaust note when it is kicking. the engine is not missing at all. i just bought the bike with 400 miles on it. it's in perfect condition. i would like to be able to cruise at lower revs and i don't think 40 mph in 5th gear is too slow for an engine