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  1. Arizona

    Im gonna be in the Phoenix area the 13 and 14 and I am looking to bring my KTM out and ride. Was gonna hit up some local track but most are only open during the eve. Hit me up......
  2. California

    Just want to take a minute to invite everyone to check out this years SOBOBA GRAND PRIX. This is my second year racing and first year being involved with the track set up.Race is set in the hills of the San Jacinto mts, on the Soboba Reservation.Great MX section combined with about 10 miles of various terrain.Race has a Pro Payout of 20k to be divided in three classes.Go to for more info and registration, or IM me.I am gonna be there for all three days, gonna be a sweeper for kids race on Friday and am bringing our trailer by with Dave Turner from GET DIRTY DIRTBIKES. He will have a display of new BETA dirtbikes there.
  3. California

    we wont be out there this sunday as we aregetting ready to go to the desert for the week. kinda bummed..........wanted to do the le mans style start
  4. California

    Hey Larry...........yes we raced on sunday, very cool track, i really liked the layout, we went to race the team race and my friends bike got a flat, kinda bummed. there was alot of people there, my daughter raced and got her first trophy for riding. not sure if im ginna make next race as we are headed to the desert for turkey day. talk to you soon...kevbo
  5. California

    i will see you out at the track larry 504, looking forward to a great race. excited about the team race also, as this will be my first one
  6. California

    We will be back at the SRA GRAND PRIX this sat and sunday.Gonna be camping out on sat and watching the tail end of my friends daughters quad race.Maiden voyage of our new toyhauler as well.Dave Turner from GET DIRTY DIRTBIKES is bringing his BETA race bike and competeing on sunday and we are pairing up for the team race as well. Best of all , my daughter is racing in the pee wee race. Stop by and say hi.KTM with yellow backgrounds, KEVBO 111
  7. California

    i will see you there for sure. track layout was super tough last month.cant go wrong with the KTM.
  8. California

    yes will see you next month for sure.....I race the senior beginer your one of the fast old guys then ?????
  9. California

    Yes I raced on Sunday, I raced the second moto at 10:15. I was in the back with the beginer class. Track was awesome, love how they changed it up this month. We will be out there next month, im hoping my friend Dave Turner is gonna bring some of his Betas out for the race.What class did you race??? Next time for sure come on over
  10. California

    Its gonna be a great day....See you in a little bit Tommy
  11. California

    I took my bike to Dave Turner at Get Dirty Dirtbokes in Plm Springs and had him redo suspension with Race Tech springs for my wieght and style, I added a skidplate,a Pro Moto Spark Arrestor, Power Now and a set of Moose Bark Busters. I love this bike, I feel it can race on the weekend and go do any trail I want.
  12. California

    There is one " Good Sized Jump " that Streetbike Tommy likes....
  13. California

    sweet. I look forward to meeting you at a race.. What have you done to your KTM???
  14. California

    Im not 100% sure about the fees for each race but i know that there are really good riders who race 3 to 4 times a day
  15. California

    you can race in either the senior class as a beginer(no restriction on bike) or im gonna say race in the four stroke class. im sure the people running the race will point you in the right direction.