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  1. BobbyBlackFinger

    Shelton riding area opening soon.

    Well it's actually not that easy... I've been waiting for access to the sheltondirtrider.com forum for over a month now. I have followed up as well without any response. I'd like to get involved but nobody posts up over here anymore and the facebook page just says go to the new forum that I can't get access to. It's a great place to ride but getting involved is a little difficult. I have only received 2 emails from them and 0 other communication. 1 email was about the garbage pick up, the day before the event. The other email is below about the forum access. Granted we just had a baby, so I'm not currently on the interwebz as much right now as I have been in the past. I think the garbage pickup was broadcast on this forum, I just wasn't tuned in at that time. But, if I would have received the email notification sooner I would have participated. And if I could get access to the forum I would be happy to help with whatever you guys are working on in the future. This is the message I received about the forum: "your account is currently inactive and will need to be approved by an administrator before you can log in. Another email will be sent when this has occurred. Thank you for registering."
  2. BobbyBlackFinger

    Walker Valley - How is it these days

    Do tell, a few of us are thinking about heading up there Sunday morning.
  3. BobbyBlackFinger

    Accident at Walker Valley

    I came down the trail and ran into the group pretty soon after the accident (I think). They were probably a quarter mile or less from the downhill end of the trail. It appeared that one guy crashed and fell down the hill a short ways. One of his riding buddies had him somewhat immobilized from behind but couldn't / didn't want to move him up to the trail, so they were both sitting on the hill. From what I gathered, a second group of riders found the crash victim and his buddy and were helping them and calling 911. I offered help but there were enough other guys there that it seemed best to clear the area so I continued to the road and waited for the paramedics. I couldn't see anything obvious that caused the accident just seemed like bad get off down the hill. Unfortunately That's all I know I decided to get out of the way once the road started to fil up with emergency vehicles. I wish the rider a full and speedy recovery.
  4. BobbyBlackFinger

    2015 Shelton Valley Enduro and Beginners Enduro

    Thanks for the pics!! I'll be ordering a few prints shortly. Had a great time again, those trails are awesome! My only gripe is the nail I caught in my tire on the last mile. See you guys next year.
  5. BobbyBlackFinger

    2015 Shelton Valley Enduro and Beginners Enduro

    I wasn't quick enough to get one last year so I ordered one this year. I'm all set, but advise to those looking to get one the day of the event, show up early!
  6. BobbyBlackFinger

    2015 Shelton Valley Enduro and Beginners Enduro

    Been looking forward to this, had a great time last year! Now I just need to find a roll chart holder.
  7. BobbyBlackFinger

    TANEUM opening information

    ^ thanks!!
  8. BobbyBlackFinger

    TANEUM opening information

    Where is the best place to stage for what is open right now at Taneum? Headed over to Crescent Bar this weekend and may need to take a detour.
  9. BobbyBlackFinger

    Reiter "Foothills" (pit)

    The subies are only Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV)..... whatever that means!
  10. BobbyBlackFinger

    Reiter "Foothills" (pit)

    I have to agree. I was there today and saw the hiker brigade parked down below. The trails have no flow, but at least there were more open than the last time I was there. Looks like there are still more being planned and worked on, but the current total is about 5 miles... I wish I would have been there to see the original trail system seems like the remnants are still there just need to be re- explored. Maybe some day..
  11. BobbyBlackFinger

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Oh, then yes that is the pit you were thinking of. That way is definitely whooped out..
  12. BobbyBlackFinger

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Not sure how to get in from Smith Canyon... this is at near the main entrance(s) from Peterson Rd.
  13. BobbyBlackFinger

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

  14. BobbyBlackFinger

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Got dirty on the supermoto somewhere close to home.
  15. BobbyBlackFinger

    Upper Mad River Seasonal Closure

    Good stuff. Is a saw needed anywhere? Might be a little to toasty this weekend but I plan on getting up there soon.