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  1. Yeah I was looking at the Beta, seems to be hard to find parts. I am leaning to the KTM, and thats not bad for a street set-up $1000 seems about right from what I have been reading.
  2. Hmmm never heard of a Beta, I will have to look at them...
  3. Alright so I would want to look for a factory plated 2007 or newer KTM...that sounds like the hot ticket.
  4. Ahh yeah the newer ones are a lot but some of the ones ive seen around 2005ish decently priced.
  5. Yeah I know they are night and day, but was thinking of doing some 17" wheels if I got a KTM...Ive seen a few KTM's that are newer plated here in California for sale. I was trying to look for a plated 2004 Honda 450x but really havent found any at all here. Even a the Yamaha WR is hard to find used. With that being said I would bet that the KTM would put a bigger smile on my face as well. I dont have a problem wrenching on it, and the fact an old high school / college buddy works at a KTM shop still from what I hear.
  6. Ive seen a few KTM 450 and 525 EXC's for sale that are newer than 2004 that have California plates. Is there an option to get one street legal in California from the get go. I have narrowed it down to a 2008 or newer Yamaha WR250X due to fuel injection, but was looking at those KTM's (even though they are not fuel injected) they are lighter and with more power might be nice as a SM on the street. Any input thanks!
  7. Blk04SR

    Any Good MX shops near LAX

    I would never take a bike there of any sort to get work done, they do have high prices... I found a few places to take the bike to, but pro circuit is pretty close too, might just take it there!!!
  8. Blk04SR

    2005 KX 250F Starting while Hot

    Yeah well I think I will try and check the valves and see if they are in spec. I will figure it out! I also live pretty close to pro circuit, might have to just go big and get the head done there instead!
  9. Blk04SR

    Bigger Radiator

    I was looking around for some bigger radiators to help aid in cooling for some slow single track trail riding and came across these ones. The Mylers Super Cool, seems like they are not as big as the Fluidyne but are about $200 cheaper overall. Does anyone on here have them? http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/newshop/index.php?route=product/product&path=1&product_id=10 The bike already has a high flow water impeller...havent checked the cap yet but will look at this weekend.
  10. I live near LAX and was wondering if there are any good shops I can get some work done on my 2005 KX 250F... Mainly head work. Thanks
  11. Blk04SR

    2005 KX 250F Starting while Hot

    Well I just wanted to confirm on here Ive had some problems this weekend while riding, the bike seems to have way less compression when its hot and has a problem starting. I mean it will work with the hotstart, I really am new to bikes but I think it maybe a problem that the valves are too tight? Am I correct? I really want to find a good shop in Southern California if anyone has some insight on that would be great. I would try and do it myself but really have no time on at all to mess around with it. Thanks