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  1. hinow41

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Looks good. Have any pics of the whole bike?
  2. hinow41

    Head wear.

    The first head is the one that valve got bend, i did have some oil issues with that one. The second one I bought used and I have never had it on my bike yet.
  3. hinow41

    Head wear.

    This is what the head with the bent valve looks like The cam and journal have lot of scratching on them.
  4. hinow41

    Head wear.

    I had a valve drop and bend did some damage to my head and cam. I got that one used from someone and I just got out to take it apart and saw the scoring on the cam and the cam journal.
  5. hinow41

    Head wear.

  6. hinow41

    Head wear.

    Hey everyone, in the winter i was riding and a valve got smacked and did some damage to the head and piston. I got a used head and now there’s a problem. The head I got has some wear on the cam journal and I cant get one of the buckets out. Here is a pic of the journal. I was wondering if the head is going to be usable? It feels like there is a slight lip that is keeping the valve bucket from coming out.
  7. hinow41

    Bent valve need some advice

    Bike has around 16880 miles on it Iv had it for about a year now before it was my friends and before that by old boss I do oil about every 1500 miles did a coolant flush when I got it. manual cam chain tensioner. The day before it blew I did tighten the camchain, It was making noise, tightened it until it stopped making noise and backed it off a little bit.
  8. hinow41

    Bent valve need some advice

    The cam and where it sits is worn you can see it in the last pic. The bucket is stuck I tired a little bit today to get it out but could not. Heres the best pic of the piston I have right now. The piston is not in bad shape, Just figure since I have the engine taken apart this far might as well. Im not 100% what cause this to happen. No idea where the metal came from. Still trying to find out.
  9. hinow41

    Bent valve need some advice

    Well I bent one of my intake valves. piston came up and hit it lucky for me the bike stalled when it happened. I got some damage to the head. I hope its still good let me know what you guys think Heres the head I cleaned some of the carbon build up off to get a better look Heres the metal that was on top of the piston when I took everything apart Heres the shim bucket it slid up the side where the cam sits Im hoping that the head can still be used and all i have to do is replace the valve and piston what do you think?
  10. hinow41

    A little help needed.

    The bike is a 2001 Drz S The bike has the raptor petcock, The vac line has a cap on it. Took the carb off and blew it out with compressed air and carb cleaner. Going to do an oil change and hopefully it was just not cleaned well enough the first time.
  11. hinow41

    A little help needed.

    Im having some trouble with my Drz. I was out riding mostly street hit one trail and then back on the road. When I got on the road its a long straight so I gunned it. When i hit about 85mph I let off the throttle to slow back down to around 55mph. When I did the bike made a bit of a popping sound then the bike cut off. When I tried to start it back up It would idle then just die when I gave it throttle. Fist thing that came to mind was maybe some dirt or something got into the carb. I got the bike back home and started to clean the carb out. After I cleaned it I put it back on, same thing is happening. The bike will run with the choke on but If I give it any throttle it will die. Any ideas what it might be? Its got about 17k miles, oil changed around every 1500, valves where adjusted about 1000 miles ago.
  12. hinow41

    Be Careful....

    second video at 2:02 i would just give up riding just leave the bike and walk lol
  13. hinow41

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2001)


    One of the best bikes i'v ever owned!
  14. hinow41

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2001

    One of the best bikes i'v ever owned!
  15. hinow41

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Got another tank for mine all blacked out now