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  1. phrolic42o

    Set me straight on valves?

    After a quick chat with the folks at SSW I went with the RHC (ssw) valves but stuck with OEM springs seals and cotters. They hooked me up with a solid deal, my advice for anyone reading this thread is to just save yourself some headache and hit up Eddie directly, he will get you sorted out in no time
  2. phrolic42o

    Set me straight on valves?

    I'm looking for rhc valves, only place to get them is through ssw now correct? Their websites down at the moment. Or are they listed as the SSW valve and spring kit now on epics website? And I'm assuming the kit comes with everything I need and not literally just valves and springs
  3. phrolic42o

    Set me straight on valves?

    Got it, I read your thread already lol. Thanks for the help guys
  4. phrolic42o

    Set me straight on valves?

    Hey everyone, my bike is in the shop for a top end and I pretty much decided on doing the Cylinder Works 434. I already have a MCCT, FCR and mrd/ssw. Going to be throwing in a new cam chain and a set of stage 1 hotcams or e cams (whichever I find cheaper). My question is what to do with the valve train? My bikes got around 10k miles on it so I'm not even going to think about doing the bbk without addressing the valves. My mechanic friend is only doing the labor, I'm sourcing parts and I'm not sure what I need to bring him. Would I be ok with just new OEM 2-peice valves or should I upgrade to 1-peice? Do I need to upgrade springs as well? I was looking for a simple kit that comes complete with everything I need on Epic's website but I guess I'm not that lucky. Any of the TT experts care to weigh in? The search function has not been kind to me although I assure you I used it and I know how knowledgeable you guys are so sorry if this has been asked millions of times before.
  5. Just want to say thanks for this thread exactly the info I've been searching for. Sorry for bumping a 3 year old thread lol
  6. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    Thanks. Battery is shot, new one will be here Tuesday and I will go from there
  7. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    So I have a buddy that just graduated from wyotech who said he'd take a look for me, he thought it was the crank position sensor but he did a resistance test on the stator and it is supposedly good, which it should be considering its pretty new. There is a sensor under the shifter that is covered in oil from losing my cs seal, can anyone tell me what it is?
  8. phrolic42o

    Just started looking for DRZ400 - help with values?

    I bought my 02 s with 8 or 9k for $1200, I consider that luck though since most of them go for 3 or 4 around here
  9. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    So far the only thing out of the ordinary I found is that the rubber cover over the connectors for the turn signals are burnt, but nothing to indicate why. I also found a connector coming out of the speedo that not only isn't hooked up to anything but one of the wires is broken. I checked the wiring diagram and it doesn't appear to lead anywhere. It's got a two black wires, one with a yellow tracer and one with a white. The wire with a white tracer is broken and has a spade connector one one side of the break but not the other. Perhaps the previous owner repaired the break and a connector fell off?
  10. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    Unfortunately the weather dictates when I can work on my bike and it's been raining the past few days. Today I will have a chance to look it over, I will update this thread.
  11. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    When did I say I just bought it? Not my first rodeo. I've had this drz almost two years, built it from a bone stock s to full supermoto conversion. I installed the kickstarter myself as a backup, the strter works perfectly fine. I didn't just slap a mcct on willy nilly, I was checking valves and needed to helicoil the valve cover so if I already had to remove the cams why trust the stock tensioner? As far as the fuse, it's a metal connector. Wired straight to the battery. Metal connector touches frame, fuse blows. Like I said pretty sure it was for my h.i.d. Headlight but I did that mod so long ago that I dont remember specifically where it went. Steering head was the first place I looked for wires rubbing. I am an electrical noob yes, but that doesn't mean I am not competent to work on my own bike, with all due respect. All else aside, thanks for your advice, I will start checking connections.
  12. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    The battery was good as of the time it died, it is dead now from sitting and I haven't bothered to charge it till it runs since I have a kickstart. I assume charging system is good as well, starter turned over fine initially but clicks now due to the dead battery, like I said I have a kickstart so I use that to check spark. I have an 02 s and I swapped the CDI from an 01 s. AFAIK there are a few minor differences between them but nothing that would matter for my purposes. So I guess it's time to acquire a volt meter and learn to use it. Oh and no hard feelings about that stator? I had a bunch of stuff going on and it completely slipped my mind, I still have it if you still want it. Edit: when I say battery is dead I don't mean stone cold dead, gauges still turn on but the starter just clicks
  13. phrolic42o

    Yfz won't start spits flames

    Motor needs three things to start, fuel compression and spark. From your post it looks like you've been attacking all three instead of singling out your problem area. When you pulled the plug was it wet or dry? Do you have a fat blue spark?
  14. phrolic42o

    Help! No spark

    So a few weeks ago my drz died around a low speed right hand sweeper. I have since discovered I have no spark. I found a blown fuse near my battery and replaced it, and I had spark again. Give it a few kicks, wouldn't start, realize that I don't have spark again. Okay........ I check the fuse I just replaced, it's good. Then I decide to follow the wire, and discover the things not even plugged into anything! There's a lead on the neg battery terminal and a lead with the fuse on the pos battery terminal. They share a connector, but I can not find where it plugs into. I want to sayits something for the hid headlight that blew recently and I haven't gotten around to replacing yet but I'm not 100% sure. I would post a picture but I'm on my phone. Since it was unplugged the whole time I'm assuming that the spark I saw after replacing the fuse was completely coincidental? I next swapped in the CDI from my brothers bike, no dice. I visually didn't notice any burn marks or other obvious problems with the coil, but I know that means absolutely nothing without a voltmeter (which I don't have much less know how to use). I didn't pull my stator cover because it's a PITA, but I don't think it's my stator as its only a couple months old. I'm a complete noob when it comes to electrical stuff, but I'm reluctant to just hand my bike over to a stealership and pay those monkeys to mess up my bike. Especially considering I threw in my mcct while i was working on it and haven't had a chance to set it yet since the bike doesn't run. So any advice from the experts on TT would be greatly appreciated, my supermoto is my main transportation to work every day
  15. phrolic42o

    What caused this?

    I actually think I'm gonna use powerseal, theyre right down the street from my work so I wouldn't even have to ship