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  1. Don't be a jealous douche. Just laugh as you blast past them on your ratted out '04 and roost all over their shiny new gear.
  2. pur3evil

    FMF Rant...Dissapointed

    Going to a website and reading a product description before you drop a couple hundred bucks on a product is "doing tons of research" to you? It took you longer to type that response than it would have taken to do the research necessary to tell you this muffler might not pass sound without the purchase of an additional component. **Shakes his head and slowly walks away.**
  3. pur3evil

    FMF Rant...Dissapointed

    Good lord, some people are dense... READING COMPREHENSION. I suggest you take a class in it sometime, and READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION before you buy based solely upon an assumption. You know what they say when you assume things... FMF is a BUSINESS. They exist to make a PROFIT. If they simply gave free product to everyone who felt they were entitled to something for nothing, they would go broke!! Look at your own state, for instance. Please, do the world a favor. Remove your head from your rear-end and use it for its intended purpose once in a while. Think of the children. Nobody in this thread is trying to troll you. They are trying to EDUCATE you, to help you to understand why your logic is flawed. I suggest you take a moment to actually think about what people are saying here. Thanks,
  4. pur3evil

    FMF Rant...Dissapointed

    Your fault for not doing the research. FMF does not owe you a thing. Directly from their website (I've highlighted the important parts): Now, if you had taken your time to read and understand this... It is specifically saying you need the quiet insert to acheive 96db, AND that it is SOLD SEPARATELY. Sorry. Do not pass go. Do not collect a free quiet insert.
  5. pur3evil

    'On the pipe' TM 125cc

    WAAAAAHOOOOO!!! Damn that looks fun! Thanks for the vid, really enjoyed that!
  6. Years ago I bought an '87 CR125. Blew the top end within an hour of buying it. We didn't even bother trying to contact the seller - not his problem. I always specify AS-IS when selling something like this. Actually had the opposite happen to me recently. I sold a car as non-running (thought the engine was seized). It turns out it runs great! A bolt had fallen out of the clutch pressure plate and jammed between the pressure plate and bellhousing.
  7. pur3evil


    Hey Shawn, would you mind tellin me what you did with the porting? I understand if you'd rather not, but it would be much appreciated! I've been thinking about doing some port work on my big bore / stroker. On a side note... what have you guys been calling these beasts? I find myself still calling mine a 450 because when I say 510 nobody knows what on earth I'm talking about! I love when people ask "is that a 450?" "Well, it USED to be....."
  8. Note.... NOT 700cc more... 700cc total. lol
  9. pur3evil

    Helmet speakers...

    When I was younger (15 years ago), I modified an old helmet to fit the speakers from a pair of Koss headphones. Worked pretty good! Only problem I had was riding way beyond my skill level because the music got me pumped up...
  10. pur3evil

    Death Grips

    My bike's previous owner installed these before selling it to me. They're the white / light grey. After a year of hard riding, they look terrible. Pretty comfy though. I replaced the throttle tube a while back and was too lazy to swap grips, so I have the dethgrip on the left and a stock grip on right. The dethgrip definitely doesn't wear my hand out as fast. ODI Rogue are what I'm looking at when I can afford it (yes, I'm that broke at the moment).
  11. pur3evil

    A Different type of Honda......

    I like it. Great compromise for someone who likes blue, but wants to ride a Honda!
  12. Good Grief! That's pretty gnarly! Knowing my luck, I'd stall in the worst possible spot (no e-start here). BTW, this is Howard. Met ya a couple of times with Rob. Good to see ya posting on here!
  13. And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!
  14. pur3evil

    Crashed yesterday Glen Helen waiting to see doctor.

    Ugly! Hope you heal fast, man! Crashing sucks, but at least you got some awesome pics out of the deal! I've never been lucky enough to have someone in the right place at the right time to catch any of my failed attempts at human flight...
  15. Not my bike, but my tow vehicle. I recently had a front end rattle that suddenly went from slightly annoying to "good god what is that?!" When I went to investigate, I found the bolt that holds the left front strut to the swingarm was missing!