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  1. I was using a new plug that I picked up today, and my father held it against the engine with pliers as I kicked it. No electric start on mine. The cable's all snugged, double checked that. When I pulled the old spark plug, it was fouled.
  2. Got a plug socket, pulled the spark plug off, and lo and behold, no spark. That seems a bit strange to me, since I only messed with the carb and it seemed to be doing fine before the carb went. The guy who cleaned the carb said that the float needle had, in fact, been stuck, so I assumed that was the problem. So now what are we thinking? Messed up alternator?
  3. You're right, I forgot to mention that. It has fuel, opened the main jet access plug to be sure and it was flowing out pretty well. Yep, it does.
  4. Okay, I'll do that today. It has resistance when I try to kick it, does that say anything useful about the compression?
  5. So as I was riding home from work two weeks or so ago, my street-legal E started losing power. I got off it, checked to see if I could see anything obviously wrong with it, didn't find anything, then got back on and started praying it would make it the twenty miles back to the house. I got another 15 miles before it seriously started to lose power, and then quit completely on me. I got it home and started to take a closer look at it when I saw that the intake boot had come off of the carb! So, due to conveniently missing a few important tool and lacking available working space, I sent it in to a local shop to be cleaned. I get it back a few days later, and I'm practically bouncing while I reinstall the carb. Get it all hooked up, double check to make sure everything's where it should be, and then the time was finally there when I could climb on top of that bike and kick it to life. It didn't start. One hundred kicks later, it still won't start. Can anyone help me figure out why? I double checked and all of the cables are going where they should be. I've tried progressively backing out the idle control and the main jet screw, tried it with and without choke, checked the plug wire but not the plug itself yet (don't have a plug socket that will fit), and yes, the petcock was on. As far as I'm aware nothing has changed since it was running fine and now, other than the carburetor. Would it/could it be something else decided now was a good time to cause trouble, as well?
  6. Aha, that's one thing I forgot to mention. I'm pretty sure the previous owner of mine ran it with low octane for as long as he had it. That could be part of why it's doing a little knocking now. I filled the tank up with 93 octane, and we'll see if it gets mine gets any better after running a tank or two of that through it.
  7. That's a good question, I just bought a '00 E (kick-start only), and mine does a pretty good amount of knocking also. I haven't taken it apart yet to check the clearances, and I'm going to do the timing soon, but I'd be interested to hear about it from someone more experienced as well.
  8. Aha, that makes more sense. Thanks, now I have half of an idea what I'm talking about! Mine's a slant FCR, then. I tried a few shops in the area but none of them had the parts in stock, so I went ahead and had them ordered two days ago. Waiting on them to get in now. Yesterday my father and I had some free time and decided to pull the carburetor off and see what we could do with it. Pulled the main jet access plus off to let the fuel drain out, and guess what I found? Almost the entire bottom of the plug was covered by a sediment deposit. It would appear that the air filter had become unattached from the intake, so the carb had been breathing straight from the environment. I'm guessing that's probably got something to do with my problem... So as of right now I'm figuring I'll probably be taking it in to a shop to have it cleaned professionally. I don't have anywhere I can safely take it apart without having to worry about having parts lost or stolen, so I don't want to take too many chances there.
  9. I believe I found the parts at the TT store. Parts number 29-2835, for Keihin carbs "PJ/PWK 35/36/38/39mm carbs, no holes on o rings" Can anyone confirm this please?
  10. Haha, thanks. I was wondering if I screwed up for a second there. Is an FCR another name for a Keihin? So Float Needle, Seat, and an O-Ring. Awesome, thanks! Let me do a little digging in my manual and see what I can find. Any suggestions on how I should go about doing this, difficulty level, what's involved, any suggested places to buy the parts, etc.? Or even if I should do it with my level of experience, instead of giving it to a professional. I'd rather do it myself if I can, but I don't want to take a chance at seriously screwing something up if that would be a worry. *Edit* I've not taken a carb apart yet, that's why I ask. I don't know what's involved in taking one apart and putting it all back together.
  11. Okay, thanks. I haven't pulled it apart and my manual (Clymer) doesn't say anything about a drain screw, so I'll do a search on here to see if I can find any pictures that can help me find it. Hopefully it won't be too difficult, thanks again! I'll post my progress on here as I go! *Edit* Is that the "Main Jet Access Plug" on the bottom of the carburetor? Perhaps I should also mention that I've got the Keihin carb, not the Mikuni.
  12. Hey everyone, new guy here. I recently bought a '00 DRZ400E, street legal with the Baja Designs kit, and when I was riding it a few days ago it started to lose power on me as I was heading home. I got about 10-15 miles from when the power first started decreasing before it died, and it was leaking some serious fuel when I got it parked and checked it out. Just today I took a look at it, and found that it's leaking fuel from a nipple on the bottom of the float chamber. This nipple had also been broken, most likely by the/a P.O. My question to you is if this sounds like a stuck floater valve, causing an overflow, or if it might have something to do with that nipple being broken. Looking at my manual makes me think that nipple is where an overflow hose would go, and a stuck floater valve might fit the bill. I don't have much mechanical experience, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!