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  1. There are circular wear patterns on the top of the buckets. I don't know if that is normal or not.
  2. My son has a 2006 KX250F. We bought it used and after he had put around 20 hours on it, the right EXHAUST valve had .030" clearance. Upon inspection, the end of the stem had worn to the point the keepers were about to come off. Long story short and after trying stainless valves all the way around, I finally decided I would send it to a reputible engine builder that specializes in machining 4-stroke heads. The seats were re-cut, the guides were determined to be within specs, new aftermarket titanium valves and springs were installed all the way around as well as all new buckets. Now after about 5 gallons of gas run through the new engine, the end of the stem on the right INTAKE valve is wearing. The clearance has gone from .005" to .020". What is going on?????????????????????