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  1. DGFL

    Air box Mods

    No worries Krannie, how do I move it?
  2. DGFL

    Improve airflow -cheap

    I'm thinking of doing this to my 525, did you find it made much difference to the performance?
  3. Hi Guy's, I ride a 525 2005 EXC and I've been looking through older posts trying to decide whether to have a go at modifying my air box, and whether its really worth it. 1) can I have opinions from guy's who have done it themselves or ridden a bike that has been modified in this way 2) can someone suggest the best way to do these mods, possibly with some photos? Cheers,
  4. DGFL


    I often ride with guy's that are a bit slower than me, and find I'm forever waiting and often back tracking to find them as the state forest I ride in is like riding through a maze with tracks heading off in all directions. I don't know that comms are exactly necessary, just wondering if anyone had any good ideas
  5. Hi Guy's, I wondering what, if any communication you guys use on long rides. I have a set of ICOM hand held UHF's that I would like to be able to set up to talk between riders on long days. any suggestions? Cheers, Dyl
  6. Hi Guy's, I fit in this category pretty well, 6'3" and 125Kg, can someone explain the effects of raising or lowering the forks in the triple clamps, and also what would be the best set up for a tall fat bastard? Cheers,
  7. DGFL

    Ktm 525 exc

    Thanks Roy, I actually bought one the other week, an 05, and like you said, it goes like stink! very happy with it. Just in the process of sorting out a few carbie issues and I'll be laughin. Cheers, Dyl Kandanga QLD
  8. Hi Dave, I have recently bought an 05 525 EXC and am wanting to sort out a few carbie issues with it. I have read yours, and several others posts on modifications, and intend to carry out the BK AC pump mod, install a JD jet kit as well as the O'ring mod. Could you tell me if you think this is suitable and also if there is anything else you think I should look at. I have also read a bit about the PowerNow products and am wondering what your thoughts are on them, are they worth while? Cheers, Dylan
  9. DGFL

    Ktm 525 exc

    Thanks for your input fellas, how involved is checking/adjusting valves? I have a pretty complete mechanical workshop, but most of my experience is on 4WD's.
  10. Hi All, I'm new to this forum business, so please let me know if I'm getting it wrong. I am looking at buying a 2005 KTM525 EXC, and as I have always just ridden old Hondas and Yammies I am wondering if there is anything particular I should look out for when looking at second hand KTM's? I'd also be keen to hear what you think about the choice of bike, I'm 6'4" and 120kg's (264 pounds) and mostly ride forestry trails around home. Cheers, Dyl Kandanga QLD