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    Dirtbiking, Snowboarding, wakeboarding, boating, basically anything outdoors
  1. ridegrl

    who's riding big bikes?

    I started out on a Cr80 and that bike is small but fast as hell I am a pretty tiny person so when you say big bike it depends on size you are also lol :>) I'm 5'2 and a few and I weigh about 110-115lbs... Now the Bike I ride now is a CR125 and I can't touch the ground even after shaving the seat and lowering it a bit which I hated.. But I can handle her fine even though she easily weighs more then I do.. If you keep riding you'll get more comfy and then upgrading won't be nothing but a thing!!!!!! Hmmmmmm Glamis can't wait for Halloween!!!!!!!
  2. ridegrl

    Ladies, what are you riding?

    Yeah Buddy !!! Whiner to the fullest!!! I have a CR125 but about to purchase a CR250!!! I tried to rally out a CRF250 but I love that power ban!!!!!!!!!!