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  1. i have also heard of the fuel boiling. Try drilling a very small hole in the cap to help release pressure on long hot rides, and see if that helps at all. Not sure what type of coolant your running but ive run engine ice for years and have never had a problem with it.
  2. also have used them in both my crf's and no issues
  3. Personally I like layout 4. You still have lots of room for your family activities, but also a nice big track. As for obstacles I would build some small rollers for your son to learn on but then space them out enough that you can possibly double them on your bigger bike. Natural terrain obstacles are always nice. Im not sure if your land has elevation changes or not?? With elevation changes already in the yard you can build some nice uphill/downhill jumps with are always a favorite. If u dont have alot of dirt to use you can get culverts in place of a good amount of dirt. (that way water will also flow a little better instead of pool up. Hope this helps some. Enjoy
  4. had a dumb a** attack on saturday was slowing down on an asphalt road and grabbed to much front brake like an idiot and went down. Now have a bruised left wrist and road rash all over my body.
  5. awesome bike you will not be disappointed. make sure to keep an eye on the coolant level they tend to run hot in the woods. Or swap out the OE coolant for engine ice if it hasnt already been done. Enjoy!
  6. these are the specs. I used when rebuilding my 03 but im pretty sure they are the same for 04 - cam bolts 14 ft. lbs. w/ loctite - head studs 65 ft. lbs. do that in three stages of 15-37-65 or around there
  7. i would go with honda valves and springs. you cant go wrong with OEM. As far as shims it just depends on what shims you need. I know that hot cams make a shim kit dor $90 and it comes with two boxes of different increment shims.
  8. i put a 11.5:1 wiseco in both my 02 and 03. no problems yet and its been six months on both
  9. check the air filter if you havent done that already
  10. Im not totally certain but that might be the level it is going to stay at while you run. the coolant level in my 03 runs right below the fins.
  11. could also be that your rotor and pads are glazed over from getting real hot. maybe nit the problem just something to try
  12. since u said it was a new chain, they are prone to stretching the first couple of rides so I would adjust your rear wheel to the first notch and see if you can take a link out of the chain. just keep an eye for a few weeks. After that you should just have to adjust it like normal.
  13. it could be that the chain is kinked. I would try oiling it really good or just replace the chain if it has lots of wear
  14. i have an 02 and an 03 crf450r. I would try getting fluidyne radiators for it. They are expensive but really help to keep the bike cooler. I also run engine ice coolant in my bikes. I have noticed my bike running up to 20 degrees cooler running in the woods. It costs $20 half gallon but well worth it
  15. its possible that your valves are to tight. I was having the same problem until I re-shimmed my valves and now the bike runs great