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  1. OrangeWhip

    Great Racing Story

    Favorite rider growing up, ran the same number on account of him. Always wanted a Maico, so unreachable for a young'n lol Thanks for posting.
  2. OrangeWhip

    pro rider hitting tree

    Wow, that guy came back from the dark side. http://www.racerxonline.com/2010/09/21/where-are-they-now-scott-sheak
  3. OrangeWhip

    Who wants to see an unlimited 2 stroke open class?

    KX 500 ripping it up...yea...what a sluggish, unresponsive...pig.
  4. OrangeWhip

    yz 125 at daytona

    Yea it was cool the fan support for these two, on Ryan Smith's last lap in front of the stands they cheered him on and he responded after the last jump by rev'n it out and raising his hand, to great applause. http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/Photo-Blast-Daytona-2012,36745/Ryan-Smith,56658/GuyB,64
  5. OrangeWhip

    Hansen DQ'd?

    From the stands, it's just looked like he, 'gave up' as there was no way at that point he'd finish 1 of 2 in the lcq. The turn he was hung up in was were the riders would jump off (after qualifiers etc..) and ride around the back of the track to the pit access area as opposed to having to run a lot of whips and "S" turns in the mud to get there etc... I figured that is what he did, would be surprised he got flagged for that as many riders were doing such...
  6. OrangeWhip

    yz 125 at daytona

    Renner's practice lap...
  7. OrangeWhip

    yz 125 at daytona

    He was ride'n strong, bike sounded great...last time I seen him he was high in the air on the finish line jump looking back in 8th...then he never came back thru, no yellow flags...guessed the bike tanked. In the pit there was only two guys working the bike an older gentlemen and younger. He was giving away these Tee's, if you wanted you could donate...
  8. OrangeWhip

    post your ride!

    Alot of great bikes, I dunno why but, "Joe Schmo" bike pics always make me wanna ride. Here's mine...03 200EXC
  9. OrangeWhip

    My hardest crash of 2011 (GoPro)

    Glad you're ok. I had a pretty bad one New Years Eve also, still counting my lucky stars. Was following my bud, we came around a turn with the morning sun in our face, there was a shadowy spot out of the turn, at the same time we came up on some four wheelers going the other way. I noted my friend 'reacting' to something, almost losing control and at the same time I took my eye off him to the check the four wheelers and boom... I hit what felt like the kraken of doom, I was suddenly in the air, going over the front of the bike, face/shoulder first into the dirt, I heard the bike behind me, looking for a place to rest, which happened to be on me.....twice....by the time it was all over the back tire was spinning on my helmet....thuk thuk thuk... Man....it could've been bad in soooo many ways....bruised shoulder and front mid section (the hits left jersey marks in my skin heh).....just a little stiff. I hit a burn-blackened foot or so high stump, dead center, it being in the shade, neither my friend nor I even seen it.....he clipped it, I nailed it. Bike had NOTHING to show for it, I was amazed....guess I broke it's fall diligently.
  10. Cool vid. Music, who is it? I
  11. Man that's nice, love 1:25ish and the end-end. Great work.
  12. I prefer to hear the bike, regardless of the 'music' selection, unless it's an edited slo-mo piece, but even then, while I like Rap/Hip-hop..it wouldn't be my first choice along with a dirt bike....guitars just seemed to bring on the adrenaline better.
  13. OrangeWhip

    post picture of your first bike

    First Bike: 1974 Honda MR 50 First Bike I bonded with...1977 Honda XR-75
  14. OrangeWhip

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    From tubless to tube, a good sized 'root' could pinch the air right out of those...she needs more clearance in the suspension and definitely more bottom end...but I'd still take it for a ride, I'm easy like that.....
  15. OrangeWhip

    Old School to now - Photo Journey

    lol...yea, I had another bike in there, was gonna silhouette it, but realized....I'm at work, and I was getting 'too involved', just for the fun of it etc....maybe another day.