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  1. dsdtdemon

    September Trail ride in Payson, AZ

    So I've been following this post and probably won't be able to make this one, but I'm guessing this won't be your last of the season. How difficult or technical are these trails? Could an '89 xt350 haul its squishy ass around?
  2. dsdtdemon

    Tire help

    I'm very happy with my Shinko 705s for primarily on-road use. I'll know after this weekend how they fair on hard-pack Arizona dirt & clay. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/29/393/20401/ITEM/Shinko-705-Series-Dual-Sport-Rear-Tire.aspx 90/90-21 is equivalent to 3.00-21 for the front. Also, I strongly recommend you acquire a copy of the Clymer repair manual. It walks you step by step how to do all of your general and intermediate maintenance as well as more advanced repairs. The best way to learn is by researching around, reading reviews, checking forums, and consulting manuals. And of course, there is no replacement for getting your hands dirty and turning bolts.
  3. dsdtdemon

    Tire help

    As somebody who rarely does a job the first time without some bloody knuckles and creative expletives and finally "oh, there's another screw there", I found removing the wheels exceedingly simple. For the front, just remove the cotter pin and the axle nut, pull out the axle and the brake rotor slides right out from the pads. Be sure not to hit the front brakes while the wheel is off. For the rear, remove the wingnut on the brake linkage and remove the axle nut. slide the whole wheel forward to loosen the chain and get it off the sprocket. Remove the axle and the rim and break assembly come out. When reinstalling, both axle nuts are spec'd to 77.4 ft-lb (107 N-m)
  4. dsdtdemon

    Miles on your XT350?

    I just got my '89 with 17,500 plus a little due to the speedo being out for a while. Absolutely no issues yet, though I don't really know its maintenance history. I'm still going through and every weekend checking or changing something else and otherwise just looking for problems. I'm kind of working under the conservative assumption that anything maintenance the PO could have let slip he did. So far I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm very happy with my $900 purchase.
  5. dsdtdemon

    XT350 Fuel

    I wasn't aware of this, thanks for the info. Last time i filled up, i put 87 in. (I still haven't shaken the starving college kid mindset). Is one tank at 87 going to hurt? (ie. is it worth it to siphon it out into my car?) or should I just fill up premium from now on. I guess i really didn't think about the math, pd350. 20 cents over three gallons is pretty negligible.
  6. dsdtdemon

    XT350 Fuel

    Premium fuel does not give you better gas mileage. Increased octane levels reduces the volitility (sp?) of the fuel which increases the combustion temperature which in turn prevents detonation, also called "pinging" or "knocking". This is important in high performance, high compression engines, where the high temperature and pressure causes unburned fuel to ignite outside the flame front, or can even cause the gas mixture to ignite before the spark fires. So, despite popular misconception, there is not really any more stored energy in high octane fuel. (In fact when you think about it, the term "high octane" to describe action movies is somewhat incorrect, as high octane fuel is actually less explosive). However, premium fuels are generally cleaner that low grade, and running a tank through now and then will certainly not hurt anything.
  7. dsdtdemon

    Riding On Trails

    I forget that leaves actually exist in other parts of the world...
  8. dsdtdemon

    Any Arizona DS Riders.

    Another great ride out there are the trails out near Butcher Jones on Sagauro Lake. Head like you're going to Saguaro Lake, and take the Butcher Jones turnoff. The trail entrance is at the back of the Picnic Area. There is a bit of sand at the start but that that's it. Throw a swim suit in your pack b/c the trails take you right up to some of the coves.
  9. dsdtdemon

    Riding On Trails

    I often find that in areas like these, a lot of the trails lead to the same place. So if you can pick a far off marker (a mountain for example) and make sure you are always going generally the right direction, you'll end up where you want to be.
  10. dsdtdemon

    XT350 Project

    Damn, I just ordered a new one last night. Thank you though.
  11. dsdtdemon

    XT350 Project

    No problem. The new assembly isn't too pricey. As for paperweights my company puts out two or three of those per day...
  12. dsdtdemon

    XT350 Project

    Hey pd350, Did you happen to end up with an extra speedo drive unit assembly I could buy from you? (or anyone else for that matter?)
  13. dsdtdemon

    XT350 speedo issue

    So I pulled apart the front wheel today and took a look at the drive unit assy. Somehow, the plate with the three tabs is almost completely round out on the ID, allowing it to spin freely around the ring gear. The tabs also look pretty beat up. After taking it apart, i can spin the ring gear by hand around the center piece, though it is tough. I can also spin the worm with a small flat head inserted into where the speedo cable goes, although again surprisingly tough. But when the ring gear is seated and meshed with the worm, I cannot spin it by any means. I was considering having local machine shop making a new tab piece, but with other possible problems i thinking it would probably be safer and better in the long run to just replace the drive unit assembly.
  14. dsdtdemon

    XT350 speedo issue

    Hi guys. I'm new to the forum but have been lurking around for a while. I just got my first bike , an '89 XT350. (well first since i was a kid at least). So far I'm really happy with the purchase, except that speedometer is not working. I replaced the cable but to no avail. Upon further investigation, it seems like the front hub is not spinning the cable. Once it is installed and tightened down, i cannot turn the inner cable freely by hand, but when I roll the bike around, the inner cable does not turn. (I also tried holding it up and watching while riding around a parking lot a little) Makes me think something is broken or jammed in the hub. Has anybody ever had an issue like this, and is there a fix? Thanks P.S. I will note that I have not yet had a chance to spin the bottom of the cable with a drill to test the speedo. Now where is that damned charger.....